I finally painted.

July 2, 2006 · 0 comments

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Wow, it has been a long time since I painted… This is my first time I painted since I have come back to the US.

I went down to the basement to grab a brisk ice tea out the fridge and decided to at least unpack my easel and paints… I set up the easel and put a canvas on there and it was calling my name. I globbed some black paint on it and just went to town.  It was a great release to just get something on it. The strokes were relaxing and smooth, but spastic if you would have been watching.  This was just the first part of it, and was just the background, but at least it has started….it  will take weeks to dry since it is so thick…not to mention the fact it is oil paint and in a basement…

The surface of it reminds me of woodwork or something similar… and I think it looks great now…we will see how it dries. In a way it should be nasty and dirty looking when it is complete, so I will let it do its own thing. Right now it has a beautiful deep liquidy feel to it, which does not have the exact feeling the finished piece will need. I am wondering how hard it will be to paint over, and if my finished piece will have the desired effect. Time will tell…

I used a larger brush than normal and I liked the speed at which it covered the surface. I also used more paint then normal and it went quickly. Cleanup up was pretty interesting. The brush had properties of human hair or similar and I used Murphy’s Soap  Oil to more or less shampoo the brush. I liked the way the brush absorbed the paint and the way that the bristles or hair held on to the paint regardless of how many times I would wash it. The final look of the brush was similar to the dog hair on an old friends dog, and the soap oil smell brought back memories of school and all the feelings that were going through me at that time…

I like how I refer to “normal” above, since there is no normal anymore due to the lack of doing anything related to painting… when I do my next one I will see how I do it and see if lots of paint and large brushes become the norm.  The one thing I did notice is that I think I need to go bigger. I think this was 18×24. I need to at least double that.

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