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July 13, 2006 · 5 comments

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I was reading today at the digitalpoint forums a thread called “quadupled my CTR thanks to DP members“, and a member there reveiled that he has increased his ctr by 4x… but he caught my attention because he posted screenshots… so I read on and saw the weirdest site I have ever seen.

The site is brilliant, and one of a kind, although its placement on a subdomain make me think there are more out there, or more on the way, which makes me really happy.

On his site, you draw a picture of a pig, and then answer some questions based on the way you drew it too tell you about your personality. What a brilliant viral idea…and the fact that he serves adsense on it blows my mind. Great idea, great viral aspect to it, plus a way to monetize it… excellent.

I also thought it was great that he allows you to browse the galleries of what other people have drawn…

Well hopefully if you made it this far you are now ready to find out what the site is…well it is called Draw A Pig.

My two are featured in the post but can be found here 1 and 2.

I browsed the galleries and found some amazing ones: (you may need to use the password oink to enter the galleries)
I like the angle and how extreme the eyes and nose are.

A great job, looks like clip art.

Creepy, reminds me of something from aeon flux

I like the angels, it reminds me of a photo and it baffles my mind that someone can draw a perspective like that…especially with a mouse.

I love the shape and the texture they put on it.

Now I ask you to go here, draw a pig and post your results in the comments…it could be great fun and I want to see A, who reads this blog, and B what kind of pig drawing skills my readers have!

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1 your_store 07.13.06 at 9:31 am

Hmm.. http://www.thesheepmarket.com/

Seems desktopcreatures.com has been around longer. And I thought thesheepmarket was original…

2 Jonathan Clarke 07.13.06 at 10:44 am
3 Werty 07.13.06 at 12:16 pm

Jonathon…by the length of the tail it looks like you are staying busy in barbados???

Jordan that sheep site is interesting…they monetize it through selling sheets of stamps…and he paid people to draw them…really strange…I do not full understand. You owe me a pig drawing!

4 httpewbwitch 09.24.06 at 2:47 am
5 Werty 09.24.06 at 3:07 am

nice one Ian!

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