I am available to provide consulting in many areas of online marketing, and non traditional marketing methods. I am also available to create commissionable pieces of artwork.

My specialties include ppc arbitrage, creating and managing huge Pay Per Click campaigns with high budgets, with predefined goals, as well as strategic planning for numerous internet startups and existing companies. In addition to this I tend to work well in the conceptual stage of user aquisition, creating unique marketing solutions and evaluating existing plans.

If you are interested in professional SEM (Search engine marketing) services please contact me through my company DottedOnline, LLC.

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1 eror 06.19.06 at 9:56 am

hi there (great site by the way)
Anyway ive got an ipod nano 2gb, the screen works, as when i flip it from hold to un-hold it comes on again, but the wheel itself doent work.

ive tried flipping the hold button then pressing select + menu
ive restored factory settings, still wheel doesnt work
tried it with power cable, still doesnt work (the wheel)
so the screen works + itunes but the wheel doesnt unless you want to reset it (which again doesnt work)

2 Neil Patel 12.10.06 at 12:03 am

You are too talented to do consulting, you should just do PPC arbitrage for yourself.

3 goodyelvis 01.23.07 at 4:22 am

this is nyc

i really like macs products

but the ipod video that i recently bought it is driving me crazy….
here is the story behind…

i recently wanted to update my ipop using a non itunes sofware …when i finished updating the song and dissconnected my ipod …it had frozen..i only see the apple pic on the screen …i have tried ressetting it but no hope so far…i searched for help through google but no hope so far…am living on no hopes…my beautifull ipod cant work….

i hope u can assist me…..plz drop a reply …or if we can chat it will be nice…..

thanks in advance

4 jill 07.09.07 at 9:10 pm

hi, i read the article in money talk. i get the apple support web site on my antique picture ipod. I decided to try again i plugged it into my ibook now i get a battery with a lignting strike through it now the apple logo came on but then it went back to the http://www.applesupport and now back to the battery with the strike through it i hope you can help me i have all my pictures on it and really miss thanks jill

5 Bentley007 08.18.07 at 6:09 am

hey d00d…typo above…”aquisition”…i need to sort out some user acquisition…lol

6 ZM 06.22.09 at 1:22 am

Hi, Tiffany Teen
i see your picutre so i like it can u contact me some time?

7 Joe 12.15.11 at 6:16 pm

My ex girlfriend changed my password on my ipod touch and she will not even talk to me now. what can I do about my password

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