Unpleasant Suprise

October 30, 2002 · 0 comments

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humm. what an odd day.

i checked my email from work today. i had a search report from atomz. the company that does the search on this here site. anyhow someone looked for “torrey” twice, “dallas” once, “bitch” once, and “anth” once.

all signs would point to torrey, however i am not sure. i havent talked to her in months. the whole thing is just weird. yup.

so yeah that put me in a slump and made my stomach hurt. so if that was you torrey why dont you fucking email or call me? and if it wasnt you who the hell was it?

i want answers.

so anyhow i then go to school. get my homework done in class then work on my candy shooting arm attachment. i see that 2 lathes are open so i go and get my shiz and do my lathe project. i was pretty happy to get that done. sure it looks like hell and all, but i am glad it is finished.

i have to research a paper this weekend and do some sketch modeling for ID. for drawing i think i have an interesting assignment. for sculpture i hope have nothing.

for work i have to re-write my resume. i am supposed to be interviewing for a promotion, which is pretty cool. it would mean i get more money which is always a great thing. the part i am interested in is job security and benifits. what this means is that i could get out of debt in about 2 months and get a new digital camera as well. it would be pretty grand.

halloween is tomorrow, i think i am gonna be an old man and do nothing. andy wants me to be his pimp. he is going to dress in drag as a whore. i have the coat, the lines and the bad attitude. i need a hat and a cane. he said i could barrow an orange shirt of his. we shall see.

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