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October 22, 2002 · 1 comment

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oh yeah…the reason why it was called blast from the past…

this guy bob called me. i havent seen him for like four years. he called me out of the blue. it turns out the kid is a rock star down in cali. he is gonan be visiting in jan.

if anyone knows bob mikan he is the one on the right:

he is in a band called killers and kings. i couldnt find anything by them online or any info about them. i would like to hear it. i still think it is crazy. i wish him luck.

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1 kristin 05.09.06 at 7:05 pm

so, i too got a random call from bob mikan back when you did. he came to visit chicago and i did get to spend some time with him.
we hung out and it was great seeing that crazy bastard. he is still the same punk he was back in high school. he left cali, the killers and kings band, & moved downstate illionis to finish school and was doing great, as expected.
talked to bob sometime in 2004 and havn’t been able to find the ass since.
what the hell?! bob if you’re reading this- “mathis” says hi. u know where to find us…

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