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so yesterday i had to work the whole day. it wasnt very bad. just boring. the last hour i had nothing to do so i started to teach myself flash.

after this i met up with my sister and we went to water tower place. i got 2 sweaters. then we went to urban outfitters and i got this nice pair of pants. i am wearing them right now.

then we went to chipolte. it was pretty good.

then i went to marisas party. i didnt have much of a costume. i had a badge and a flashlight. undercover cop style.

came home and went to bed.

today i need to do some laundry. clean up my desk. file paperwork from the last 3-4 months. post some stuff on ebay.

hummm i let this sit up. i went to sultans and got some fallafel with andy. it was fulking good. and only 3 dollars. i will go there again i will.

i am gonna change and hit up a show at the fireside. the owls are playing with some other bands. it will be grand. i will have a blast.

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