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I am now in finals….I bought my supplies this weekend, and this week is going to kill me.

I got some rest this weekend, but I am still sick. I know that I will be working my ass off on projects for school throughout the week, so we shall what condition I am by the end of it.

I should be doing homework, but I am reading up on SEO stuff right now. I have recently aquired access to a prime area of a site which I frequent. Hopefully I will not burn out my brain with newly aquired knowledge.

One of the greatest things happened today. I checked my logs and someone found this site by searching for “portland prostitutes” so good.
One other great one was “canadian booty dancing”
and finally “pictures of womens”
Also someone found me today by searching for my name….stalker, hello.

So yeah…a 6 foot tall by 18″ wide painting in three pieces will be started and maybe completed tomorrow??? It will probably be a few days in the making.

Also I need to shoot my photo project which will take about 2hours to shoot plus 2 hours commute time. And maybe 12-16 hours of computer time. Fun fun fun. It should rock when it is done. Well I need to get to bed and still need to do some reading before that. Also a stack of paperwork has been adding up on my home desk for about 2 weeks now…and I am yet to send my hard drive back to IBM/Hitachi or the dsl back to Ameritech. Boooo.

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