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I am sick now…stayed home from work yesterday. Coughed up green chunks. Took a 4 hour nap today and drank about a gallon of soup. Coughed up larger green chunks. Feel like shiz. I think I know who I caught this from. Thats what I get. I still have a pile of stuff to do here. Send a few letters and rebate forms and such. ALso i have 2 final projects I need to do for school. This is going to kill me. One is going to be some painting based off of language. I do not have an idea completely for it yet…and I do not know if I will think of something. But like all semi-talented artists I can just rip off someone elses idea and give it a twist. I am just not please with the assignment…I guess the abstract way would be a bit more interesting, but I have never planned an abstract and it scares me. I was thinking that I could do one based off of a person from my past. We shall see what he thinks of the idea. I would not mind working on it, as it may release some of the tension that has been up in the brain. No VIOXX this year. My photo class I am clueless what I want to do. So I decided to use an idea that I have been wanting to do for a while. My roomate said he would model for me…so I think it would be interesting. Hopefully I can get a portion of that done some night this week so I have time to think about it and work on it next week. Critiques start in about 10 days…UGH. I need to figure out if I can take classes next semester and over summer………………………fun.

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