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So it feels like these Crest White strips are making my teeth melt…they cannot be good for them…oh but you will be so white. Tomorrow I get to go to work then off to paionting and then to MCA for my photo class. What does this mean?? Well for started another paper is due…and second is that I can walk to Water Tower and Bloomingdales afterwords… I am thinking shopping spree. I do not really have any money. Actually I have no money. I found out today that UIC does not have a payment plan…so I owe one giant Lump sum of 2015.22 or something to them…yippee. So what is left in my account after this azz reaming can go towards my 250 Circuit City balance…and if there is anything else left I can maybe put that towards my credit card debt…so much fun. I may have to throw down and buy tickets to go see Radiohead, tortoise, beck, interpol, the beastie boys, the roots, and about 20 other great bands in New York…It is only 150 dollars with camping and 2 days worth of tickets…I think it would be a blast. I posted it on my board and some people are interested in going. Also I may be going to Boston for my work for a Search Engine Convention. Kind of nerdy, ut it would be great to go and meet all the pro’s in my field. I may also be goin gto Los Vegas this summer for some heavy drinking and gambling with the Windsor crew…we will see if i can afford it though…I totally would have been able to prior to the UIC reaming….fun fun.

Well off to fill some paperwork out and send some letter…then it is bedtime. 5 more minutes of tooth torture with these White Strips…the worst part about them has to be the massive ammount of saliva which is building up in my mouth…I bet it is like 2 ounces….

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