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So yeah…I still have a ton of work I need to do for finals. I found this amazing site: Cockeyed.com I spent many an hour there reading everything.

My computer is being a complete bitch in regards to reading my memory card from my camera. I got some interesting pictures this weekend, The original Idea would not work at all and came out like shit…So I have to make some last minute adjustments. I also need to write a paper tomorrow and start another painting since I am completely unhappy with the one I started with. I am going to paint the google home page graphic which I think will be hilarious. Yet at the same time much can be read into it if you know my current situation. Another interesting way it could be read could be about its impact on society. One thing you must keep in mind is that you can be considered an artist with 2%talent and 98% bullshit. I need to work on my bullshit.

There are about 30000 books that I would like to read. I am currently reading Google Hacks at home. No joke. It is moderately interesting, at least in expanding your search queries. I could probably become a professional researcher/fact finder. On the road I am reading the blank canvas and writing pursuassive online copy.

I think my relationship with Mckenzie is over. I think it has been for a while, now it seems to be finalized. Nothing I can really do about it, other than watch it slip away.

I found out today that my friend Lisa has an enlarger and all the other needed components to build a darkroom. So we will see what happens with that. I have the space blocked off…now I just need to construct and create. I will also need to set aside a certain ammount of time for this project. I think it would be great though.

Well it is bed time for me. I have 2 meetings tomorrow. I still need to restart this piece of shit and see if it will recognize my card reader so I can transfer pictures. Such a blast. I swear the next computer I get will be a MAC.

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