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July 13, 2003 · 3 comments

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Bill Maher :: The Official Website

Interesting article related to the drug war.

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1 Sylvia Armijo 06.18.09 at 4:30 pm

I love your show and watch it every week. But last week on your
new rules, I think you were absolute WRONG about President Obama
being on TV too much. We got so used to George Bush hiding and
never saying or doing anything intelligent, it is really wonderful seeing
Pres. Obama talking to the American people and letting them know
exactly what his administration is doing . He is brilliant and can speak
to the American people and work tirelessly getting things done!!!
I really can’t believe your said all those terrible things. You really
not thinking clearly about . Obama. WTF!!!!!!!!

2 mohammad majali 08.06.09 at 3:05 pm

dear mr. bill maher
my name is mohammad al majali
i am from jordan
i am watching your decromantary about religion right now
i have watched one hour and ten minutes until now
mr. maher please understand me
i really don’t hate you because of what you said
you can say that i am with you on 80% of your theory not all of it
i am a moslim and in islam we have the answers to all your questions
islam is the only right and complete religion in the world
chrstianity is not complete and people changed the bible which is shown now by you having four bibles not one.jewishism has the same problem
you asked the christian believers and they couldn’t answer your questions simply because allah said in the first sorah in the holly quran that they are lost
i do like you simply because you are a thinker which is something that i can’t say about many people i know
if you want to follow a religion you have to see signs that speaks to your mind not listen to fairy tales and believe in them
forget about the stories and let us show the light on another subject
i have written a small book that is not hard to read it will answer your questins about religions and it wil prove to you that god exist and that it is only one god not more.
the holly quran has real scientific facts that were proved by sceince later like the layers of earth and the creation of a child inside his mother’s womp and black holes and the lowest point on earth and lava in the deep grounds of oceans and the expanding of the universe and the speed of light and the sourse of iron and many more
it proves that there is no way that this book has been written by a man or a group of men.
i am really seriouus and believe me i don’t want to be famous because of this and i don’t want you to mention me to anyone
i just want you to find your answer and know where is the truth and where are the lies
i want you to write to me to my e-mail
use a new temperary e-mail and i will send you the book through mail and if you have any answer just ask and if there are things i don’t know i will ask others about them
i am a clever person like you and i didn’t believe in this religion simply because my parents are moslin.i had to see for myself and work my own mind
with all respect
[email protected]

3 mohammad majali 08.20.09 at 2:59 am

two weeks has passed since i wrote what i wrote on this page.
no respond.
does this mean anything?
does this mean that bill maher or his people wants to know the truth or they just want to gain more money by fooling other people.
i have seen the whole film (religeous).
the film is so stupid.
there is a god and i can prove it.
there is no gene that makes people gay and i can prove it.if you get a child from china and raise it would he or she be like you,talk like you or talk like chinese.if a man is raised by animals does he talk in english or arabic.
god says that a man is born with nothing in his mind andheart at all and the people surrounding him teach him what to be.moslim,christian,jewish,stupid buddhist,fucking gay or anything else.
the origin of man is not the same like animals and this is why humanbeings are not animals.animals are made from earth but human beings are made from clay.
test dead animals and dead people and you will find that it is the truth.
this is what god says in the holly quran and i believe it.
if god doesn’t exist then why israel has taken over palestine?
why did they told this lie that this is their promised land and did you believed them and supported them.
the bible and the turah has been changed by the years and messenger jesus is not a god or a son of a god and his mother did not had sex with a god and izra is not the son of god too and the idea that there is a son for god has been made about two hundred years after jusus had left us and it had been made in egypt.
there are verses in the bible where jesus say that he is a normal person and not a god.
i know that everyone of you don’t believe everything thay read in the bible and this is why you have this theory that there is no god and you believe in science.but did anyone of you read the holly quran hih is build upon scince?
did you read about the miracles of the quran?
the difference between islam and other religions is that the other religions had miracles that you have never seen but islam have a miracle that lives on and will live on forever.
did you see ibrahim live inside the fire?
did you see the flood?
did you see yunis inside the whale?
did you see moses’s snake?
did you see solomsn talks to animals?
did you see moses when his stick split the sea into 12 paths?
did you see jesus heal people and walk on water?
don’t you think that these are stories that you can choose not to believe them and they can’t prove them for you.
all they sell you is talk talk talk.
but our miracle is the quran.
can you tell me how did the quran talked about these things more than 1400 years ago?:-
1-the origin of iron.
2-the mountins as widges the settle the earth and has extensions inside the earth.
3-the steps of creating a child inside his mother from the spurm and the egg until the full child going out.
4-the shrinking of earth.
5-the 7 layers of earth.
6-black holes.
7-expanding of the universe.
8-the use for earthquakes to to break the seed and to start growing the plants.
9-child lives in three darknesses inside his mothers womb “1) the belly.2) the matrix.3) the placenta.”
10-the death of stars.
11-hot lavas inside coming out of the grounds of big oceans.
12-everything been created from a big pile of gas theory.
13-earth moves around itself.
14-the wind as a fertilizer.
15-many easts and many wests.
16-the lack of sight in the higher skies.
17-the amount of oxygen getting less and less as we go up.
18-inside the sea there are waves over wavws over waves.
19-the moon split.
20-the lowest point on the face of the earth (the dead sea).
21-gabs (barricades) between oceans and seas.
22-you need big power to go up in space.
23-the plant that was grown beside messenger jonah is pumpkin not grape.
24-the sun will run around the center of the universe until one day it would be a dead planet and stand still in it’s place.
25-the speed of light.
26-stars positions.
27-the pain is in the skin.
30-returning sky.
31-protecting sky (roof).
32-something lives above mosquitos backs much smaller.
thses are few of the miracles that exist in the holly quran and shows that this book could’ve never ever been made by humans.
if you don’t believe in your religion and you know that it is not a true religion don’t say the same thing about islam because you really know nothing about it.
there are many verses in the holly quran the stands against terrorism but those ugly ignorant people don’t listen to them.
bill maher didn’t meet the true moslim scientists and imams who knows the truth.
he just wanted to prove that he is clever and everyone are stupid.
he failed in acheiving that because only stupid ignorant people believed him.
visit this website and see for yourself.
or send me an e-mail and i will send you my small book about islam.
my e-mail address is [email protected]
don’t be stupid like bill maher,be clever.
there is a verse in the bible and another one in the turah that talks about the earth being flat and being the center of the universe and the sun revolces around the earth .this is why they tortured gallileo.
mohammad al majali-jordan-alqaser city

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