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July 2006

Monitor Chain

July 31, 2006 · 0 comments

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This is kind of a cool thing I found via Thomas’s website.

Part of a monitor Chain

Pretty much you place the person before you monitor picture on you monitor and take a snapshot, the next person does the same…and it turns into a vortex of monitor fun.


The Garden Booty

July 31, 2006 · 0 comments

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garden booty

garden booty,
originally uploaded by werty.

I have been spending some time this year in the garden and this is the biggest payoff to date.

There are 8 cucumbers/pickles, 2 handfuls of “sweet 100” tomatoes, and 3 jalepeno peppers.


I received a sharper image catalog in the mail a few days ago and it had a series of products that make me wonder what the hell is wrong with society. If you are wondering why I get the catalog, I ordered something out of there a few months ago that charges my ipod when attached to a gift that my dad got for me and my sis. It is pretty cool actually and lets you listen to music in the shower, or take it with you outside, etc. I used to use it quit often, but now I have not even been listening to my ipod…actually lately I do not spend much time AWAY from my computer! It is bad…


I found this site called Pimp That Snack through some talk on another blog, and the site is brilliant. Pretty much it is how people make larger sized items of their favorite foods.

An example is someone wanted to make a larger than life style ROLO candy.


Scraper Sites?

July 14, 2006 · 0 comments

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“solid potato salad”

Solid Potato Salad – The Ross Sisters – video powered by Metacafe

At the end of this you will have wasted 3 minutes of your life watching it, but I feel like I have wasted 27 years of my life up until the moment I saw SOLID POTATO SALAD.

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Well anyone who knows me will be quite shocked to hear that I went to a beach. First off I am one of the palest people I have ever met… I am one shade darker than powder, and that is because my parents did not grow me in their basement.


My friend showed me this new desktop organitaion prototype that is supposed to be coming out. It is not created yet, or picked up on an OS, but it looks very MAC.


I am not one to care about much of anything, but I have been hearing about net neutrality a bit over the last few days and did not realize what a big deal it is and how it can effect the lives of me and many of my friends.

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I was reading Gregs blog the other day and ran across a picture of Rae and Bob Saget…IN BED. Now I thought that was a little weird but I knew she was a big fan of his…and once made a page about how much she loved him