More Girl Trouble

August 2, 2006 · 2 comments

in WTF?

Another girl I once knew (Kate) feels the need to brag about our relations:

A friend of mine actually got this image for me…here is his review of “kates playground”.

If you think the first is bad, it does not stop there, Karen and Kate (from feel the need to brag as well.

These girls are similar to this one I posted about a while back. I should turn comments off on this post, but have fun!

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1 rick 08.11.06 at 1:22 am

cool but disappointed

2 Werty 08.11.06 at 1:27 am

Why are you disappointed? The technology they use to geotarget the ads is pretty bad ass. I was shocked that one of my internet marketing buddies was stumped by how I shagged a girl in his home town of Troy new york… hahaha

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