Rising Sun Anger Release Bar

August 17, 2006 · 1 comment

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My friend pointed me in the direction of a new bar in China that allows the customers to smash glasses and beat up the staff. We both had some really bad days this week and think it would be the ideal solution to that problem.

The bar is called the Rising Sun Anger Release Bar and is located in Nanjing China.

The Rising Sun Anger Release Bar in Nanjing lets customers smash glasses, rant and even hit specially trained workers, state media reported.

The bar employs 20 men who have been given protective gear and physical training to prepare them for the job.

Clients can ask the men to dress as the character they wish to attack.

The bar charges from 50 yuan ($6.25) to 300 yuan for the pleasure.


As seen at BBC,  MSNBC  and the register.

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1 Maria making pictures 08.18.06 at 11:42 am

What a bad idea for a bar ?
Traditional karaoke would be much more fun for everyone involved. The jobs at this bar must be very blue colored ones.

Thank you for sharing this funny news with me !

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