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March 3, 2007 · 0 comments

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To kick things off let me say that this is a paid review of the site and new free dating website, but the opinions expressed here are my own.I want to make this review of value to the reviewer so instead of talking about the product or service I will actually critique the site based on my experience.

I like the way the site looks and I would say it is has a clean look and feel to it. The second image from the left is slightly grainy so I would resample that one. The logo is good, the domain is pretty catchy. The interface is web 2.0 ready and that is all good thing. It reminds me a lot of but with a much better looking design, and I am guessing they are basing their model on this as well, and it seems like AdSense, as well as adult friend finder will be their main monetization sources.

Some of the things that I find kind of unfriendly are the lack of information about the site. All it really tells me is that it is it is a free dating site. I do not get any real information about the site itself. My only real choice is to sign up for the site, as long as I am not logged in.

On the entry form (first page of it) it asks me for an email address, but it does not tell me how my email address will be used. So I decide to read the privacy policy which has way too much fine print for my liking. What I would really like to see if something saying “we will not sell/give your information to third parties” on the form page. And I am hoping that is the case. Without that info I refused to sign up for the site.

So without me signing up there is not much more for me to do on the site. I would like the ability to browse the various profiles on the site to see if there any fine women in my area that I would like to contact. Many of the dating sites offer this “teaser” search to at least show that there are some girls in the area to talk to. Then they get you to sign up when you try and either view their profile or try and contact them. does not really give me much to do searching wise, but you can find you way over to the dating forum where there is massive action going on. It shows that there are hundreds of thousands of forum posts… so the site is active.

To summarize I would say then need to hook me a little more before I actually hand over my information. I would do this by offering the ability to search for local hotties. When I find them I will try and contact them and be forced to sign up. BAM conversion.

On the conversion page I would like to see something telling me my information is safe and I can trust them. I would then link this to the privacy policy so that I can read all the info if I need to.

The last thing I would like to see is maybe some “about me” style page so I can learn more about the perks of the site or the company who runs it.

I think this would help your overall conversions of the site by establishing some more trust to the user, before trying get their conversion. Usually you need to go on a few dates (gather trust) before you can fuck someone (get your conversion). Also you may want to add a large amount of articles to you site, like the dating site does.

If you think this is a decent review of a site, and / or would like to get your site reviewed, I am an online whore and can be bought real cheap.

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