Tiffany Teen Uncovered?

December 19, 2005 · 218 comments

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You know all of those semi-soft core porn sites like Tiffany Teen, Next Door Nikki, Megan Qt etc, etc? It seems that all is not all is well in the world of Tiffany Teen.

According to a number of different websites, ( – 1 2 3) Tiffany Teen, is rather upset that high school yearbook photos of her have finally surfaced on the internet. So upset in fact, that she is allegedly moving to Florida with her Fiance It’s hard to believe that someone can make a porn site, even if it appears doesn’t have nudity on it, and not get found out.

The second site listed, is a message board from the chicagoland area. It has some funny stories from people who went to school with her at Naperville Central in Naperville Il. One guy even says that he is dating her (circa 2003). Was 2003 before Tiffany Teen got really big and was having live sex on cam.? For some reason when you start driving around town in a red Toyota Supra, people start getting suspicious about how the hell you can afford a car like that.

Some people on that board say that Tiffany Teen is or was raking in the cash, up to $150,000 according to a few people. Sounds like plenty of money to move to glorious Florida and start your life over again.

Update: it appears Tiffany Teen has made wikipedia, that is pretty damn impressive.

It also appears that miss Teen is still into modeling, but possible for fashion this time around, over at avenenue production modeling. Visit the official Tiffany Teen site now.

update 10.19.06: it looks likes like Tiffany is no longer on Avenue Production Modeling and it looks there is a heated debate whether or not to leave tiffany teen on weikipedia

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1 mike 10.16.11 at 4:54 pm

I don’t care about all the negativities that people say about Tiffany or Robyn,through my eyes she will always be an angel equipped with wings and halos. Tiffany don’t let anything get you down you will soar like an eagle I believe in you. fly Tifanny fly

2 Mark 12.05.11 at 7:18 pm

I have seen hundreds of photos of Robyn/Tiffany. I have enjoyed each and every one of them. God blessed her with a beautiful body, and she chose to share it with all of us. I see nothing wrong with her choice. Robyn, stay beautiful and stay positive. This is one gentleman who’s heart you made skip a beat with your beauty !!

3 truthhurts 12.09.11 at 3:58 am

Haha, I have no clue how I found this, but I’ll tell you this much. This author sounds like just another butthurt emo kid (which she just so happened to enjoy manipulating) that was head over heals for the girl. Fact of the matter is that I’ve known her for a long time before she moved to Florida. I actually taught her how to drive a manual tranny car. I told her to get a 94 Supra (which I drove most of the time) because the 94 was the last year of the 6 speeds. When she got wheels for it? Guess who told her to get volks. Yup, she even went as my date to my cousins wedding. This was all before I knew that she was into more than lingerie modeling… Am I butthurt over that? Hell no. I look back and think that if I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t do anything different. So to the original thread starter, you should really move on with your life, because pathetic does not look good on you.

4 Alvin 12.21.11 at 11:20 pm

I found her, after extensive online searching, and yes she’s all growed up married mayhap a kid or two very involved in church, i think i feel alittle ashamed of myself now, after all these years the object of my facination,lust,infatution,desire,obsession
none can compare to the beautiful tiffany teen
god’s own perfect specimen of a female
and thats just it, shes not an object, she’s a person living breathing
and for the first time i see that..
I think the rest of you all should too
besides all of that all i can do is hope she’s happy,
just genuinely happy..
she deserves nothing less…

5 Norway 02.21.12 at 11:17 am

She’s not stripping. She works at a photographer studio. This time behind the camera:) Her pics give me good memories though:) The golden age of internet!

6 Hmmm 05.12.12 at 9:53 pm

Well Phil Flash wrote all the story on the website. She left because she found “God” – while Phil was sure it was just a phase and he did not understand what was going on through her head, cause she was making a lot of money. Anyway we have to respect her because she made a clean escape from things that could of be a lot worst. Yes she made some mistakes but who doesn’t ? nobody’s perfect.

7 asp 05.20.12 at 3:55 am

Now she is 10 years out of business.
I think they will never come again, even if the sky would fall to the ground.

For any fan of Tiffany, it is a hard blow to the face that she has quit the modeling.

It is a pity, yes, and it’s 10 years ago.
she thinks she is still the sweet 19 year old girl?

I’ve seen a recent pic, she is now a beautiful young woman. No more teen!

And if you, by chance met her a time of life,
does not say anything that puts her in embarrassment.
Think about it how you would feel?

For me, it’s nice to know that she lives happily with her family.
In Florida and elsewhere.

Give Robyn her private life and respect it.

8 Vate Mosconi - ITA 06.11.12 at 7:17 pm

Ciao, to do it quickly: i agree with asp and all other users that said the same thing. (English is not my first language, so apologise me if write like google translator)
Only to say i’m really HAPPY to finally know all the story, despite i’m feeling like an real IDIOT now. This 3d is the last brick in the wall, the most important, the one that GIVE SENSE to everything. Now i have all the ANSWERS i was looking for. I don’t need nothig more.
We should be happy for her (family, life, work, etc.) and we wish her ??all the best. The ghost of TT will live for many decades, going forward, we outsiders can do it easily.
People living deserve to be left in peace.
Buona fortuna e tanti auguri.

9 Inconnu 06.21.12 at 7:34 pm

Coucou all ,Moi je veux faire avec elle une seule relation sexuelle 😀 pour ne pas oublier et enfin je sais que je réussirais un jour 🙂 même si elle vit a une autre terre ! kiss –> ™

10 Argentina4eva 10.09.13 at 12:55 pm

Amazing girl, hottest ever on the Internet in my opinion. Still gets me going even after all these years!! Thank you Tiffany teen for sharing your hot body with us 🙂

11 Milf 08.07.14 at 3:46 pm

She’s a smokin hot milf now, married with a couple kids.

12 Ray 02.16.16 at 4:07 am

A lot can be said on the matter of a young inocent girl that was sent here to experiance what was in this world to experiance. from inocence of knowing not the way but even was taught by all those around her and those she was intrusted to to receive a love that not many in this world knowand be trained the way that she should have been but wasnt. betried decieved exploited used and abused became the life she was entraped
not just by the ones but by everyone th, at looked upon this young lady in the wrong way and of course those who got monitary gain could it be she was sent to see how she would be treated and for other upon the time they will be heald accountable for such neglect and betryal? well i had the honor and shes got a heart of an angel selfless thinks of otheres

13 Me 03.29.17 at 9:14 pm

FACT she is married and is a pastors wife. Leave her alone. God Bless her and her new life….

14 Harvey Cross 01.07.18 at 8:58 pm

I have been sending money to help,tiffany out for 2 years now she goes by the name of Rose gymfiwaa I sent money to her in ghanna Africa that is where she is scamming people out of money she is worse than a who’re and a porn star she alt to be put in, jail she turned out to be a real bitch and God don’t know her she is doing the devils work .

15 Harvey Cross 01.31.18 at 1:06 am

Tiffany now is operating scamming in ghanna Africa in Accra I know because of she is trying to use me sending me naked pictures off of Phil flashes web site . she goes by the name of rose gymifiwaa trying scamming older men to fell sorry for her and asked for money that’s how I meet her . and she is no Christian woman if she was she wouldn’t send total nude pictures to men she is the same who’re as she all ways was may the bitch go to hell for what she is doing to Christian men using gods name to take advantage of thier kindness .

16 Shunks 11.24.19 at 6:52 pm

I found out about Tiffany in 2004. 15 years later I’m still in love

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