Update On The Last 5 Years or So.

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March 31, 2019 · 0 comments

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It has been a few years since I posted here. Not sure if anyone I care about actually checks this anymore, or if it is only creepers who are looking at some of the shady things I once wrote about?

Here is a list in somewhat chronological order of what the last 5 years of my life have looked like.

  • Bought a business
  • Bought a storefront in the town where I grew up.
  • Did a full rehab on the storefront
  • Moved back to the suburbs of Chicago
  • Built up the business like 10x over 3 years
  • No longer liked the business I was in or my position in it and decided to sell the company.
  • Sold 80% of my business and stayed on as a partner.
  • Paid off House!
  • Had a friend die who was only 38 years old. Maybe a year older than me at this time
  • Decided to move out west.
  • Sold my condo
  • Got Married
  • Bought a new house in Oregon
  • Rehabbed the house in Oregon
  • Tree Fell on the house in Oregon
  • Bought into a few interesting businesses.
  • Moved to Oregon
  • Took up Crabbing and foraging (mushrooms & berries).
  • Sold my share in those interesting businesses
  • Sold/Forced out of the remaining 20% stake in the business and got stuck w/ a 3 year non compete.
  • Started a new company w/ a partner.
  • Bought out partner.
  • Took on a new partner.
  • Felt like a turd and had some self doubt for about 2 years, but did not realize what was going on.
  • Had a handful of other friends and internet buddies die over the years
  • Got back into fishing
  • Removed partner
  • Gotten pretty good at site development
  • Went on a bunch of hikes, but no where near what I should be doing since I live so close to all this natural beauty now.
  • Turned 40 fucking years young and experienced some of the rebellion a body will make when you sit at a desk for 25 years.
  • Finally hit a stride w/ the new business after lots of ups and downs
  • Trying to get some other areas of my life in order.

I wrote this once and wordpress shit itself and I lost the list and post.

The first one was a little bit better and had a better conclusion.

I have lots of hindsight on all of the above things and may make some longer posts about certain parts.

What have you been up to?

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