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I read that someone I know was on his way back from Wisconsin and had to stay in a hotel to get out of the storm. He warned Chicago was going to be next…


I went to Ireland and Italy with my sister and her fiance over xmas / newyears this last year. The trip was pretty awesome, other then a nasty bout of food poisoning that I got… between us we took around 1300 photos and some short movies… I have always wanted to do all of the photos from a trip, or a lifetime and run them at a few frames a second and get a short movie that documents a large span of time, but I have never found an easy way of doing it…


I had to file my moving claim today. That stressed me out/ angered me beyond belief. I used citysearch to find a mover and got tr0s3d.

A bunch of my shit got damaged…

Then I had some talks about taxes.


So many of you may have seen me taking pictures the night of the webmaster radio party. I am glad you remember this… because I sure don’t.

I spoke that day, and dreaded doing so…I think I did a terrible job, did not get to answer any questions and feel my whole presence on that panel was done poorly.


Wow… talk about a piece of MEAT:
Sergey Brin in a Speed


I am getting a new computer at work, so I am saving some of the files…I figure people may be looking for this picture of a young and wild Sergey Brin in drag