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I built this page for my friends and family, but if you find this site to be helpful, or if you are interested in just putting a little extra money in my pocket, consider using my affiliate links to some of the top stores on the web. These links should not effect the way the sites operate and you can (and should!) come here every time you want to shop at the following stores/shops/sites.

Any money I make from these links will go directly into my bank account and will be used in my on going effort to never have a real job again.

The way affiliate marketing work is a company sets up affiliate programs and gives webmasters a % of a sale (or a CPA – cost per acquisition, like a flat rate finders fee), on all users that go through the affiliates links. You wonder why a merchant would do that? Well it saves them money on marketing and advertising, and unlike marketing and advertising it actually is guaranteed to work, since they only pay an affiliate when a sale is made. Pay per performance!

If you have any specific stores that you shop at often, feel free to contact me, or leave a comment and I will see if I can join their program and add their link.

Super Stores:

  • – The worlds largest store, they are like ebay in that they sell everything. They sell both new and used items and usually offer shipping for free. I am not sure what I make from this, but it varies by department and can be as low as 2% up to 10% I think.
  • – You can buy pretty much anything you could ever want on eBay. Sometimes the prices are good, other times you can get better deals elsewhere on the web. I get 40% of ebays profits(listing fee and % of item sale), if you buy anything, or like $8.00 if you sign up for an account.
  • – not sure what I make, guessing 3-5% on your total purchase.
  • – again not sure on this one either, but guessing 3-5%
  •! – 2-4% based on what you order.


  • – I love and I probably order something I do not really need at least once a month from there. They have great prices, usually not the lowest, but they offer free shipping on many things, which end up beating the overall prices elsewhere. I get 3 – 10% of the sale depending on the category you purchased from.
  • – They sell RAM for your computer. I use them myself, if you buy from this link I get 7-10% of your order. 5% off Link.
  • Official Apple Store – I think I make 1% of a sale.
  • JR Music World 2-%% based on the items that you order.
  • New Egg – A huge electronics store. I get 1-2% of your order.
  • Ritz Camera – A huge camera store who sells things at high prices :P. I get 3-6% of your total order.


  • – Online DVD Rental. I make $26.50 when you sign up through this link.
  • – Online DVD Rental. I make $32 if you sign up through this link
  • – probably like 2 cents per download
  • – Video game rental. I think I get like $15.00 when you signup
  • – Gift cards for local restaurants at heavy discount (like 80% off). I get 15% of your order.

Clothing, Apparel & Accessories:

  • – huge luggage store. I make 9-20% of your order. Or look at some ebags coupons.
  • 1-800 CONTACTS – Thank god I do not wear contacts, but I have a friend who does and she orders her contacts through this link. I get 8% of your sale.
  • – An online shoe superstore. They sell Tsubo shoes, which I love, for roughly 20 dollars less than I would pay at a store, and usually have free shipping. I make 8-15% of the sale price!
  • – A giant online shoe store. I make $15.75 off your order and you save $10, and get free shipping.


  • – A pretty awesome site that lets you book places to stay all around the world. They say “book a bed from $4.00” I found it to be more like $15 which is still pretty awesome. I make $3.00 when you book through this link.


  • – You can search all types of insurance here, including dental, life and health. This is who I used when I needed to find health insurance, and it worked out well. If you fill out a request form I make between 10 and $50.
  • – Get any kind of insurance quote here. If you fill out a request form I make 30% of what they get which is like 3-$10.
  • – They provide a dental discount program card that saves you about 1/2 on your dental bills. I signed up for one when I got my root canal and it paid for itself. I get $47.50 if you signup. So please do 🙂

Food & Drink:

  • Adagio Teas – Cool site that sells teas and lets you mix your own. I have gotten a bunch of tea here as gifts and have been happy with most of it. I get 10% of your order.
  • – Order groceries online. I do not use this service, but I have 2 nerdy friends who do. If you use this link you get a $10 coupon off your first order, and I make $10 if you are a new customer.
  • – These are the people that make those sweet home soda makers which will save you a ton of money if you drink soda/seltzer water all the time. Read my in depth review of a SodaStream here. If you buy from my link I get 5% or something like that, so like 5 bucks if you order one.


  • – They sell high end office furniture like Aerons and Mirra chairs, and this is where I bought my Mirra. I get 4% of your order.
  • – Find a snow blower you like here and purchase it. I will get a few percent off that sale. For those in Chicago, a good single stage snowblower should be good enough for the annual winters.
  • – I make between 0 and 8% depending on what you buy.
  • – I make $2 per order that is submitted.
  • Best Of The Web – This is an online web directory, much like early Yahoo!. If you add your site through this link I get a % of the sale, which I think is like $20.
  • Best Generators – Find a portable generator on this site you like and buy it. I’ll get a few percent from the sale. Generators are pretty sweet if you live in areas that can get hit by big blizzards or natural disasters.
  • HostGator Web Hosting – I use this company to host some of the sites I own. They allow unlimited domains per account, are pretty reliable, and pretty cheap. I think it is 9.95 a month and you get tons of bandwidth and space. I make $50 if you signup through this link!
  • NaperValley Masonry – This is my Dads website, so I do not really get anything from it, but I guess eventually the money would trickle down : P If you need brick work done in the Chicago Suburbs, check out his site. He is a skilled mason, and has old world talent which means quality and pride in the work. His stuff actually is good unlike 90% of the brick you see in Chicago’s new construction.

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1 JamesAL 02.01.07 at 9:20 pm

While lisening to my iPod it froze-up from the controls within my truck (Jeep Liberty). I thought it was toast, clicked onto your site for quick fix and your fix fixed my Pod, thanks

2 Emmett 03.09.07 at 8:58 pm

Thanks for your reviews of the Novaform mattress. This is the second best rack I have ever bought. The first being the 36Ds that Dr. Smith did for me wife. At any rate, I plan on getting lots of use out of both racks.


3 Taylor 05.14.07 at 3:55 pm

Just curious, how did you get involved with all of these percentage deals, and are they available to anyone?

Thanks, love the blog

4 Werty 05.14.07 at 4:08 pm

Hey Taylor, well they are available to anyone pretty much with a website… a good place to start is but there are 100’s of other places, if not 1000’s that offer similar services.

It is called affiliate marketing.


5 Tasie 04.28.08 at 8:48 pm

Hey! Thanks soo much for the iPod tip! I was worried that i had broke my iPod for good and that i would have to buy another but thanks to you, it works great now!

6 Ivan earl 03.22.09 at 1:12 am

Of all the jin joints in all the world thank god you walked into mine.
I was heartbroken and had to wait until I could get on line. Then the words came to me, my ffucking (yyes, I I sttammer) ipod has frozen and you, you made it play for me, play it, my god it played.
Now I leave you tears in my eyes, shit I’m over doing this, Thanks.

7 Anne 08.17.09 at 8:10 am

Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this question or not.

I have loaded my 500 cds of song and music onto my computer and transferred them to my ipod. However when I went back to sort them out on my computer there were gone. I reloaded them. Went back again to sort them out and yet again they were gone. Help !! where are they please???

What am I doing wrong?


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