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I read that someone I know was on his way back from Wisconsin and had to stay in a hotel to get out of the storm. He warned Chicago was going to be next…


I went to Ireland and Italy with my sister and her fiance over xmas / newyears this last year. The trip was pretty awesome, other then a nasty bout of food poisoning that I got… between us we took around 1300 photos and some short movies… I have always wanted to do all of the photos from a trip, or a lifetime and run them at a few frames a second and get a short movie that documents a large span of time, but I have never found an easy way of doing it…


I had to file my moving claim today. That stressed me out/ angered me beyond belief. I used citysearch to find a mover and got tr0s3d.

A bunch of my shit got damaged…

Then I had some talks about taxes.


Here are 2 kind of off the wall “toys” that I have. The first is a Ben Franklin toy that my friend Mikey got me. The second is a little plastic fetus that I bought (in bulk) off of eBay. Why you ask? I really do not have an answer. I was going to use them in some crazy sculptures, but that never happened. Now there are around 40 of these little buggers somewhere in my house!


So I took more photos in my sweet light tent set-up and played around with some of the setting. Digital photography is pretty interesting. I have never had a high end camera that shot in “RAW” format, until now. It allows you to play with a ton of the settings that would be similar to darkroom development techniques. I think it is pretty interesting and fun. Not only that, but being able to change every setting on the camera ranging from exposure time, to exact focus, puts me back into total control of every photo I am taking. It is great.


So I took a trip into the basement today and setup some more pictures in the light tent. I really liked how these came out, so Buddy Lee is now my new desktop. I run dual 19″ monitors at 1280×1024 each for a total of 2560×1024. So I made 1 wide buddy lee that is 2560×1024

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This post is due to a few things that recently have happened in my life.

1. I won an amazing camera from one of the companies I work with. It is a Nikon d80, digital slr camera. It is pretty much TITS


I was talking to ol awall today and showed him an old sculpture of mine. I added the soundtrack to it so he could view it properly over the interweb. the updated post can be found here and it has new viewing instructions on the bottom of the post.


Sean sent me this: animator VS animation. that now seems to be down so you can find it here Animator VS animation.
People may know me as a flash hater, but I think this is pretty sweet! It is a movie/video/cartoon of a stick figure VS the cursor in flash…and it is amazing.

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Miniature Statues

January 16, 2006 · 0 comments

in Art

These are some miniature statues I created about 8 years ago in a jewelry class I was taking. I had a good teacher who encouraged us to experiment so I made these small things out of various toys I had found, and pieced them together, making them into something original. Then I cast them in bronze using the lost wax casting method. I have a few other toys I mangled and wanted to built out, that are all sprued up and ready to cast, I just need to get access to some investment, a kiln and a centrifuge.


Another Oil Painting

November 10, 2005 · 2 comments

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This is the second painting I am working on, only the background is finished. I will not be able to paint this weekend, because I will be in Las Vegas for Pubcon. If you see me down there give me hello.


Name that Artwork.

November 9, 2005 · 4 comments

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So I have been pretty flipping busy lately, mainly due to work, and other stresses, but for the last two weekends I started to paint again, and it has been great. The first one I did had this image that I drew on my whiteboard over at, and loved it so much I traced it to paper. I thought I lost it when I first moved here, but found it later and hung it on my fridge. Well tonight I took pictures of it, so I could trace it in illustrator, for future use and decided to take pictures of my 2 paintings while the camera was out:


So many of you may have seen me taking pictures the night of the webmaster radio party. I am glad you remember this… because I sure don’t.

I spoke that day, and dreaded doing so…I think I did a terrible job, did not get to answer any questions and feel my whole presence on that panel was done poorly.


Top 10 teen Angst Films

March 5, 2005 · 0 comments

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I saw this years ago in SPIN or something like “The Top Ten Teen Agngst Films” and wrote it down. I was cleaning up a bunch of shit on my desk and found it. I want to rent them all from NetFlix at somepoint.


Wow… talk about a piece of MEAT:
Sergey Brin in a Speed


I am getting a new computer at work, so I am saving some of the files…I figure people may be looking for this picture of a young and wild Sergey Brin in drag


StickerNation :: International Sticker Network

This is a pretty cool site about sticker and steet art. I love this kind of artwork as long as it is tastefully placed…you know on advertising or backs of signs… There have been many signs that have been pointing me back to the art world…things need to be created and expressed….the computer is not the best outlet for it…. i dunno…


Work was blah today. There is about 80 hours of work I need to do and about 10 hours this week to do it. I am not very happy with this. Nor am I happy with that entire place. It seems many of the employees feel the same way. Kind of sad. There was great potential when the company was purchased 4 months ago, however the people in charge seemed to have killed the momentum by stalling and stalling. We will see what happens with it….


lets see here…. it has been a while. i have been super busy and super tired lately.

i am assuming most of that is due to too much work/schoolwork/staying up late and helping other people with homework….

thanksgiving was interesting/depressing…

thunksgiving is tomorrow and i am cooking a tofurkey.


so shit. blast from the past week.

lets see. monday i found 20 dollars on the el platform. i think it was good karma slapping me in the ass after donating to npr this week. either that or sponsoring josh at the peaches show.

i dunno. i will take it though. damn right.

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I am not dead!

October 20, 2002 · 0 comments

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so my hand is looking way better. i had some blood tests done. i still need to call and get the results.

friday night i worked as a security guard at the peaches show. it was pretty interesting. i got asked back to do it again. so i will.


Dear lord. I had so much homework this weekend. It was terrible. I went out and drank a little on friday. Saturday i worked on my industrial design perspective drawings. I was supposed to go shopping for my sculpture class but that was postponed until today(sun) because people are chumps. After working on homework i went out with my sister and nicole. we went to club foot at about 1:30. it wasnt really bad this time at all. rather enjoyable. Then we went to a late night bar. we decided to try nick beer garden. The bouncer was a total choad. He wasnt letting people in until 10 people left or something…so we wait in line. Meanwhile he lets people he knows in. Then other assholes kinda cut infront of us. We had a group of about 10 though. Then we went to maries(??) riptide lounge. again there was a wait. we got in though. i ended up drinking highlife, the champagne of beers. so bad. I ran into this gal, mckenzie(sp??) who is in 2 of my classes. this made me feel nice becuase i thought all of my classmates were about 18/19. I still feel like an old man though…such is life.