Werty is just a nickname that I have had for the last 10 years or something since the late 90’s. I started using the name way back in grade school. I would use it for the username and password for virtually everything in those days because I did not know how to type. Later in life I would use it as my handle online…I would communicate with others that i worked with and they would call me that in real life…at first it was kind of strange, but I did not mind. Well I guess it stuck and I have been using it on other message boards and what not, and pretty most people in the internet marketing world will know who werty is but not who George Kepnick is… pretty strange actually, but such is life.

Here is a little info about myself:

I am a perfectionist and tend to be lazy, and often figure out smarter ways of doing repetitive tasks. I get bored easily and like variety in my life. I love sushi and trying different types of ethnic food. I like to observe people more than interact with them and I am fascinated with the way that things work. I am very good at taking things apart and figuring out how they work. Once I visually see something happen it tends to stick in my mind forever. I know lots of random things from television trivia to how things are made.

I love art, mainly painting, illustration and sculpture, but I also like most pieces that confuse or anger people. The stuff I make is usually “dark” and “entertaining”, and most people seem to like it. I also used to do quite a bit of photography and was told I was good at it. I need to get in to creating things again but I spend way too much time working.

For work I run a company with a partner called DottedOnline, LLC. I originally wrote this in 200?. We are still in business but do not really take on clients. If you really want to give me money for my advice I may not turn it down :P.

Since the time I wrote this I have built a few other business and sold one, twice.


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1 Ashley Knight 04.21.09 at 5:43 am

Dear George
Whilst googling my own name today i came across your website ,in particular the Shared Birthdays page .

I notice that I’m on your list…….. “Ashley Knight” 19/08/59
I,m going to be 50 this year ! Time to start reducing the amount of mirrors in my flat!

I am an English actor and musician and have appeared in many TV, Film and Theatre productions in London and the UK .

Thought you might like to know the following …….

There is another British actor called Barry James whom I have worked with,a few times . i have also understudied for him and I have also played some of the same roles as he has in later productions. So safe to say, people seem to see me as a kind of “Barry James, Minnie Me” He is probably 10 to 20 years older than me ,( which explains why i have played the same roles about fifteen years after him),but what is a very bizarre coincidence is that we not only play the same roles but same share the same Birthday!

Whilst working together in 1992 on “Grand Hotel” musical at the Dominion West end and also in “She loves Me” Musical at the Savoy theatre
we hosted big joint birthday parties.

I don’t know his exact birth year but you may be able to research him online if interested and add him to your Birthday list.

Just a little bit of silly info ,I thought you might find amusing.

Best wishes and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on the 19th August


Ashley Knight

2 sherry 05.20.09 at 7:58 pm

Hi Werty~~

I have a question and knowing me… the answer is somewhere easy to find on here and I somehow missed it.. (insert embarrassed smilie here)

Anyway.. Under the topic of foam mattresses (mostly the ones sold @ Costco) there is a wealth of information here! … But I’m not sure how to look at the most recent comments without scrolling through the 4 years of prior comments :o/..

What am I doing wrong? Like I said —- I’ll bet anything I just haven’t found the info for showing newest thread first. It’s an incredibly informative post, but everytime I pull it up to read it, I sit here like a fool scrolling through 4 years of comments.. and I have a feeling I’m rhe only one that is THAT lame.. :-O LOL..

Thank you so much for any help! ~~~sherry

3 Wally 05.22.10 at 9:24 am

Thank you for sharing….wish you best of luck:),Hadyn

4 brandon 07.01.11 at 6:35 am

want to know how to save an ipod motherboard

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