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If you live in some sort of building with a metal deck, over the years it will probably start to develop rust spots, and eventually peels and chips.

Mine had poor drainage so water would sit on it, collect and eventually rust the metal. Parts of it were starting to flake so I knew it was time to get it taken care of.


I had a problem with my Windows Defender giving me the following error code: 0X80240022 when it tried to update. I was also unable to download updates for XP, and office through the browser.

To solve it I went to start> programs > administrative tools > services.


For those of you who run a home office and occasionally need to send a fax I have found the following solution to be a really cost effective one, and will only cost you around $10 in fees to set up and should be enough to send around 90 faxes for that $10, which for me is more than a years worth of faxes. You will need a computer, a printer, and a scanner for this to work properly. Right now I see a mix of companies allowing faxes or email attachments, and I am guessing one day all “faxing” could be done through email attachments and for “free”.


Not sure who reads this, or who know sof my sick little Microsoft Excel fetish. I love the program, I know liek 1% of its features and am amazed at all the complex things it can do.


I have 50 invites if anyone wants one. Just go to my blog – and leave your email addy in the comments.
See more progress on: get gmail account


$10 OFF $150 or more in’s Computer Store!New Customers Only! Expires 12-31

This is a coupon to get som emoney off of your com order. Pretty cool stuff. I am going to be ordering a new flat panel LCD monitor because my CRT takes up tons of desk space, and does not look as clear as it should. I am currently using my laptop as a desktop and runnin gdual monitors, and it is amazing. I never want to go back to single monitors again.

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So I have been using my laptop hooked up to an old monitor hear at home and it is awesome…having 2 displays is an excellent time save…i do not need to alt+tab between windows, just cut, move the mouse and paste…or just drag and drop in some cases. My pallettes can be off to the side in photoshop…. dual monitors are awesome.


So I am thinking I will be buying this phone. I have heard good things about it ffrom a friend who has one. I have been on sprint and it has been terrible for the whole time. I have read mixed opinions about it, but for 25 dollars it could not hurt too much..other then the year long contract.


So I was using my ipod at work today, a song come on that i did not want to hear and I hit the next button. Well my ipod locked up and just froze.

Anyhow i searched google on “how to reset an ipod 40gb” and came up with nothing but crap answers, then finally found the apple manuals:


Summary: someone sends you more than what your item costs and asks for the difference sent to them or to a friend.

internet order overpaying scam -pdf file

So the people at the internet fraud complaint center do not know how to market their site all that well, and I had to struggle to find this for a friend.