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Last Post of 2007.

December 11, 2007 · 5 comments

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2007 was Heaven, 2008 Shall be Great.

So it has been quite a while since I last updated this thing.. I have been ridiculously busy as of late… here is some updating:


4 more of my friends just had themselves a set of babies!

Darren and Nora bring you DMD – Dominic Michael Dalasta:


Martijn and Hye Sung bring you Quinten:


Congrats to the 6 of you! baby spam wear on its way (c:


Today I turned 29. It was the same as 28 but with a wicked hangover.

I went out last night to a Lithuanian Restaurant, had amazing food and tons to drink. Then played some darts and was hoisted in my chair 29 times. Today I felt the pain of last nights events, and swore off drinking for at least 24 hours.


So today I had enough emails from Mr. Barack Obama and I decided to unsubscribe from their email list. They asked for a reason so I gave them the following:

  You have my vote, quit emailing me.

-the trose

I am awesome.


Review my blog

May 8, 2007 · 0 comments

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Technology Blogs on RateItAll


They have a sense of humor…

I was forgot I scanned this awesome picture the other day. It is from the anti static bag they put a laptop in (you can see my laptop in the background). It shows some helpless little cartoon character who had enough of the living world, and is deciding to enter the dying world. The little shit puts a bag over his head, and chokes himself with his hand.


The End is Near

April 8, 2007 · 4 comments

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Apparently we do not have much time left on this earth…

Last weekend I received a Good Housekeeping Magazine (april 2007 issue) from my sister as some sort of weird surprise. There is a woman on the cover who lost 102 lbs and I thought my sister was trying to hint that I am a some sort of fat fuck… which I don’t deny.


Xmas in March?

March 29, 2007 · 2 comments

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I decided to celebrate steak and blowjob day a few weeks late this year, and I celebrated it myself…

And no, I did not eat a steak or perform fellatio on myself,  but I did pamper myself with some things I have been wanting.


So What’s New?

March 23, 2007 · 1 comment

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Things have been crazy for me. Work is going well and I have been really busy, which is good.

Some big news has happened for some friends of mine. A few nights ago my son Sami and his gf Maria had a sweet baby boy. They have yet to name him, which is a common thing in Finland (so they say??). Little Werty is quite cute. I am convinced if if keep calling him that it may stick.

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Let me start the review by saying I am getting paid to do it. This only motivates me to do the review, the opinions in the review are indeed my own. Like most of the sites I review I will pick apart the various things I hate or like about it more so than some fluffy this is what the site is about…on that note Halloween Express is about costumes, Halloween and otherwise.


In the last 12 months I have ordered 5 computers from Dell, 3 laptops and 2 desktops. I did all of this ordering through their small business department and have been treated like a king with each order. Not only have they treated me great when I am ordering their customer support has been superb as well. Here is a breakdown of some of the orders:


FedEx Sucks

March 3, 2007 · 33 comments

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Yeah I know I bitch a lot, but I do not care. This little rant is about why I think FedEx sucks…

So as you may have read I was in Canada for about 5 days and I was expecting a new computer to arrive. Dell built it too fast! Anyhow it was sent via FedEx and I made arrangements so that they would not leave it on my porch while I was gone.


Oh Canada?

March 3, 2007 · 2 comments

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Last week / weekend I was up in Canada visiting some old friends that I have not seen for a long while. It was one certain dudes birthday, and I got to see one of my favorite Goldschlager guzzlers. This trip was pretty awesome. I got to see Rae spend money like some sort of high roller, got to visit people and got to get my drink on.


Trose and The Wolf

February 6, 2007 · 4 comments

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I was interviewed by Michael Gray aka GrayWolf the other day for his series on local search.

I am actually not to experienced with pushing a tiny brick and mortar via PPC, but will gain more experience with it in the next month or so when I have to promote my dads sweet site (built by me!!) Naper Valley Masonry – Naperville Masonry. That will be an interesting experiment.


So as you may or may not know, my last name is Kepnick, and I have been trying to research my family history for a while, and one Kepnick kept on popping up, Brad Kepnick. The best part about this Kepnick is that he is a second rate actor who has been in the following tv shows and movies:


So I am wondering if I am just a pussy or what, but it seems like everytime I shovel the snow my back is a little tweaked the next day or so.


Blockbuster, I am calling you out for being idiots in regards to your online marketing strategy.


Should I get a Dog?

January 8, 2007 · 9 comments

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I have been thinking a lot lately about getting a dog and have been running the various scenarios through my head wondering if I am ready for the commitment it would take to have a dog.