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My Roomba 550 Review

September 16, 2010 · 7 comments

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I have had my eye on the Roomba for a while, and have read many reviews. I was not fully convinced to try one, until I saw my first cleaning experience in person when my business partner purchased his refurbished Roomba from


One of my many fans (3-4 out there) requested information about a product I own called a SodaStream soda maker. For those of you that do not know what this is, or why you would want one let me tell you.


As you know, I am no stranger to reviewing Dyson products (Dyson DC14, Dyson Air Multiplier). I have always been fascinated by the way they look and I love that they brought a cool (a yellow vacuum is cool when the rest are grey) and functional design into an industry that never seemed like it was going to be updated.


I was doing a little work at home this morning when I heard a knock at my door. I figured it was the maintenance man here to follow up on a repair that happened yesterday, but to my surprise it turned out to be the UPS man.


So I was thinking I was going to need a new dishwasher… I recently bought a condo and have been here for like 8 months now and I started to notice that some shit is either worthless, or of low quality.

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I have taken various types of protein over the years and never really paid too much attention to it lately, until talking to one of my friends about the different ingredients, and what is good and bad in each. The following are reviews of the different types of protein I have purchased over the years and my thoughts about their taste and such.


This January I finally bought my own place and I needed to move my belongings from one home to the next. Being a nerd I used the internet to find a moving company. I browsed around and read various reviews. I went through and read an article about the best movers in Chicago. This was right up my alley. After getting quotes from a few companies and talking to the movers I went with the one that CitySearch recommended; Moishe’s Moving of Chicago, and boy do I regret my choice.


I know nose hair is somewhat of an embarrassing subject, but I was glad to see I am not alone in my quest to tame my nasal mane (c: GroomMate says they have sold 3 million of these nose hair trimmers!


Blockbuster is a newcomer to online DVD rental scene but have stirred things up by offering users the ability to return movies at the local stores and get free in-store rentals, something previously unheard of.


Let me start the review by saying I am getting paid to do it. This only motivates me to do the review, the opinions in the review are indeed my own. Like most of the sites I review I will pick apart the various things I hate or like about it more so than some fluffy this is what the site is about…on that note Halloween Express is about costumes, Halloween and otherwise.


While I am on the subject of fucking, I would like to nominate Vonage for FUCKING SUCKING!


I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I found out I had a pending review at I was asked and paid to review Aaron Walls SEO Glossary. I have been to it before, thought it was valuable and accepted the offer. Here is the paid review:


I buy a lot of stuff online, probably 5-10 orders of something a month, be it gifts, music, toys, computer things, software etc, and most the time when I need computer things I go with because they are cheap and usually have free shipping or something like that.


Leave it to James Dyson to come up with a revolutionary new handheld vacuum. My guess is they are releasing the DC16 Root 6 just in time for the holiday season, when husbands get their wives exactly what they want for XMAS…



Here are pictures of all the extra things my Dyson picked up versus my Oreck XL.

These are from 2 carpeted rooms, about 12×12 and 14×20:

dyson1.jpg dyson3.jpg

The Dyson filled up quickly and I had to empty it. It was pretty gross, but the next ones are even worse.


It seems like every major chain store has its own version of the Dyson DC14 Vacuum. Choosing the right one can be pretty tough so I listed all the various models to let you know what they come with, the new price, and the refurbished to help you compare which Dyson DC14 is right for you.


There are numerous Dyson Vacuum accessories available in the various DC14 Kit packages, as well as available seperately. My package was called the Full Kit model which came with the following three accessories:


I got the Oreck XL deluxe as a hand-me-down from my grandparents and have not been too impressed with it. I think size and weight on the machine are great, it has two speeds which is nice, but it feels like it lacks any sort of power. It misses little pieces of paper or sock fuzz on the carpeting and just does not seem to suck like it should.


Well I have been wanting to get a Dyson vacuum since the first time I have ever seen the DC07 in a magazine, even though I did not have any carpeting at the time. Well I finally moved into a place with carpeting and had supposedly one of the better vacuums on the market, at least according to commercials, an Oreck XL, but I felt as though it was not doing a very good job of vacuuming, so it was time to get one.


I went to Six Flag Great America on Friday night and it was pretty awesome. First of all I have not been there for what I am guessing is around 15 years. I think the last time I went was in 8th grade for a field trip. The last amusement park I went to was I think Paramount’s Six Flags in or near San Jose that Yahoo! rented out for “search night off”. I think the Chicago Stock Exchange rented it out on Friday, so there were no lines and we got to ride pretty much everything in a only around 3 hrs.


This is a bit longer then a year but I am going to talk about my lovely Herman Miller Mirra Chair that I got at Office Designs and my overall impression after a year of use. This is my initial review about the Herman Miller Mirra.


SAW The Incredibles

February 25, 2006 · 0 comments

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I just got finished watching SAW and the Incredibles, both were better then what I was expecting.


Extreme Yogurt

February 14, 2006 · 2 comments

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Well on about the 15th of last month my work put in a gym and I started to work out. In addition to this I started to try and eat a touch healthier…why you ask? I gained 30lbs since I moved to Canada…the curse of having a car and no where to walk to…oh how I miss the city life…but that is another story.


War of the Worlds

February 8, 2006 · 0 comments

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I just finished watching war of the worlds…some of it was allright, but most of it was terrible. The movie is the struggle of one family, of the many, who are attacked by these alien creatures.


Aparently I somehow rank for Phil Flash but people come here and do not find what they want and leave. So this to all the internet creeps that visit the site, here is my summary of Phil Flash with even my very own ratings, may you find what you are looking for, and may your hand treat you right as you cruise the Phil-Flash series of web sites:


If you are still looking for presents for Christmas, and you have a guy in your life that is hard to buy for, this Anthony Logistics products might be the answer. They sell all kinds of personal care products for men, including moisturizers, exfoliating soaps, hair gel, aftershave, all the things that classy guys are used to using.


This is a long past due post…I bought this camera right before I went to new orleans pubcon and took hundreds of drunken photos. To date the camera has been flawless. I got a 512 meg memory stick for it which is perfect and did not break the bank. I would totally buy one of these again…but probably could pay less, and get one with higher resolution, smaller size and more features….oh technology.


I had to go down to Las Vegas for PubCon last week, and did not want to repeat SES San Jose – That was the first conference I went to EVER without a cell phone. Man did that suck.


Air Canada Sucks

June 29, 2005 · 142 comments

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Seriously what a crappy experience I had on the return trip from New Orleans to Toronto. Our flight was at 1:20 pm, we got there at around 11 just to be safe. Made it through security with no problem, got some food and waited around until about 12:30 when our plane landed.


I was in the need for a new bed and I decided to splurge a little and get a memory foam mattress. I have been researching foam mattress online for quite a while and have heard mostly good things about visco-elastic memory foam mattresses. All was good with these except for the price. Lucky for me my new job gave us Costco memberships…so I checked out there site and saw that they had Novaform Memory Foam mattresses in their online catalog. With a little bit more research I decided to purchase one. I would have gotten it right from the costco store, but they only had queen size beds, and I wanted to stick with a full/double size since all of my bedding was already that size.


I was sleeping on an air mattress and wanted something a bit firmer that did not deflate as I was sleeping, so I decided to puchase a futon. I shopped around online and had terrible luck…as usual. Shopping online in Canada is a complete fucking joke…it is terrible. The US has it really lucky…you can find something, buy it, and not worry about customs or insane shipping prices.


The herman miller areon chair is a marvel of technology. I recently purchased mine at office designs for 649.99, and even got free shipping.

Buy your Aeron Chair Online, and use coupon codes Save50 or Save75 to save $50 or 75$ off your next order.


Update: A one year review of my Herman Miller Mirra Chair.

Herman Miller did it again. I loved my aeron chair and I love my Mirra Chair. It is like a baby aeron, but I think it feels a little bit better, and is avalable in more colors, and costs about 200 dollars less.