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Here are 2 kind of off the wall “toys” that I have. The first is a Ben Franklin toy that my friend Mikey got me. The second is a little plastic fetus that I bought (in bulk) off of eBay. Why you ask? I really do not have an answer. I was going to use them in some crazy sculptures, but that never happened. Now there are around 40 of these little buggers somewhere in my house!


So I took more photos in my sweet light tent set-up and played around with some of the setting. Digital photography is pretty interesting. I have never had a high end camera that shot in “RAW” format, until now. It allows you to play with a ton of the settings that would be similar to darkroom development techniques. I think it is pretty interesting and fun. Not only that, but being able to change every setting on the camera ranging from exposure time, to exact focus, puts me back into total control of every photo I am taking. It is great.


So I took a trip into the basement today and setup some more pictures in the light tent. I really liked how these came out, so Buddy Lee is now my new desktop. I run dual 19″ monitors at 1280×1024 each for a total of 2560×1024. So I made 1 wide buddy lee that is 2560×1024

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This post is due to a few things that recently have happened in my life.

1. I won an amazing camera from one of the companies I work with. It is a Nikon d80, digital slr camera. It is pretty much TITS