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June 6, 2006 · 6 comments

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This is a bit longer then a year but I am going to talk about my lovely Herman Miller Mirra Chair that I got at Office Designs and my overall impression after a year of use. This is my initial review about the Herman Miller Mirra.

Durability: this chair is holding up like a champ, it feels just like it did a year ago and is showing no signs of wear, and that is after 2 international moves. I still have 10.5 years left on the warranty so I am not worried about replacing the chair any time soon.

Comfort: I love the Mirra, it is highly adjustable and I can get it to fit me just like I want. I can sit in it for hours and feel no discomfort…this is bad because I should get up every few hrs to prevent my ass from swelling anymore. The one thing I wish I would have opted for was the forward tilt. Sometime I lean forward and it would be nice to keep the back support. My partner is ordering that on his Mirra, so i will let you know how that is in the upcoming weeks once he gets it.

Looks: The Mirra looks awesome and is available in a variety of colors to fit any decor. I went with the graphite on graphite because I wanted something that would fit into any office regardless of the colors.

Price: This is the one area on the Mirra that could use some improvement. I actually think Herman Miller increased the Price of the Mirra over the last year but I am not 100% sure. I was able to get Sean a discout of $75 dollars off the price of the chair which is pretty huge, but it still came out to be around $725 with the forward tilt. I think I paid $699 a year ago for mine. I think used they go for roughly $550+ so you are not saving much by getting a used one.

Options: The one thing I love about the Mirra is the various caster options available. When I first bought it I was using it on hardword, and opted for the hardwood floor casters, these are rubber coated do not scratch the shit out of a floor liek regular plastic casters, this is great if you care about your floor or are renting. I am currently using the regular casters on a thick plush home carpeting and they are crap. I can barely scoot around. They do offer a deep pile caster, but opted to get a chair pad instead because this is not industrial/commercial carpet and is about 2.0″ thick with the padding.

Overall Value: Now considering the crazy high price of the chair if you factor in the fact that it will last you 12+ years, looks awesome in your office and will allow you to work longer and for longer periods of time, this chair is actually a bargain. Someone should rent this chair for $19.95 a month, because they would make a killing. Once some lazy geek like myself sits their ass on the mesh seat they will be hooked for life, plus the frugal type would be more likely to part with $20 a month then $700 upfront. Maybe I just plotted a business model?

Final Thoughts: Anyone who sits on their ass all day should get a top quality chair like the Herman Miller Mirra. If the price scares you, divide it by 12 years, or take your hourly wage, and see how many hours it would take to pay for this. I am easily able to work a 9 or 10 hr day with out any pain or discomfort…that is 2 extra hrs a day. At my rate of $500 an hour (I am lying) I can buy an extra Mirra a day just on the extra hours I put in….or something like that…but you get the idea. If you do not take my word for it, here are some other reviews: 1 2

Where to Buy: I have purchased my Mirra through Office Designs and would recommend the same to anyone who is need of one. They do not charge sales tax to people outside of Illinois, and in Illinois they pay it for you. You also get free shipping. Go and buy your own Mirra chair today.

Buy your Mira Online, and use coupon codes Save50 or Save75 to save $50 or 75$ off your next order.

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1 paco 06.16.10 at 2:27 pm

If you actually have to buy a new chair you will buy another mirra , you don´t consider the aeron?.

2 werty 06.16.10 at 2:53 pm

I like the Mirra better than the Aeron. It has better back support I think. At least to me it feels like a sturdier chair. You can get really high end Aeron, that is like all aluminum legs, leather arms, etc, but I have never sat in that one.

3 digg 06.29.10 at 4:02 pm

I was recently purchased this chair for my office and I have to say that I hate it. I am very small framed and my spinal cord hits the hard plastic back. After a day at the office in this chair my back is marked and bruised. Adjusting the lumbar support has not made a difference I would never buy this.

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