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Today alone I have probably spent close to an hour or an hour and half on the phone, and have been amazed at the variety of customer support that I have dealt with.


I was reading one of the many articles about how our economy is f’d and I was looking at “football f’n”(as in 2 monkeys f’n a football) going on in Washington. Anyhow I guess there is some awesome new bailout program they are trying to come up with which is supposed to stimulate the economy and only cost 800 billion dollars.

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I really hate to have my first blog post this year (and first in a few months) be as lame as a post about popcorn, but I could not help it. The weird after taste and knowing I ingested chemicals I normally refuse to eat, has really got to me… so here it goes.


Fuck you Google*.

August 12, 2008 · 208 comments

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There, I said it. FUCK YOU GOOGLE*.

I put no script back on my firefox install just so I could block Google Analytics.


One of my goals this next year is to streamline my business and get all the bills in one place. My partner and I each have our own phones and use different providers. He is on Sprint and I am on Tmobile… I was looking at the different offerings and it looked like sprint may have a better overall data package which I would like to get for tradeshows and coffee shops… Anyhow I was poking around and the website popped up a window asking me if I wanted any assistance…I Figured they may be able to help and I was totally wrong. Here is the semi funny conversation that was had:

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As a previous post states, I will be traveling quite a bit next month, so I figured I would check out conversion rates… so I headed over to and looked ans saw that the loonie (canadian dollar) is worth more than the US Dollar…holy shit!


Get a Room

May 14, 2007 · 3 comments

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So I went to the grocery store, (trader joes to be exact) and I am trying to shop when some douchebag “lovebugs” get in the way. Seriously these 2 sweethearts were pretty much walking at the pace of a one legged dog, while taking up about 3 normal human widths due to the fact that they were fat americans.


Att has to have one of the least user friendly websites I have ever been to. Today I try and log and see my new bill that these idiots just emailed me and the flipping site was down for “upgrades”. No where did it tell me this, it just kept logging me out. I tried various browsers and tried navigating up the file structure to see if I could login elsewhere. After a few minutes I had enough and decided to tell them their web site sucks and supplied the following email:


Here is another supposedly good cause that angers me. The whole “RED” thing. My summary of it is a bunch of brands joined together, chose a color, custom tailored a product to sell to, spent millions on research, marketing, advertising, etc… and are donating a certain portion (of the profits) to prevent aids in Africa…


I decided to watch some Tv while I worked today and about half way into my afternoon I saw one of the most disturbing commercials I have ever witnessed… and spent part of my day tracking it down online. Watch it here.


Blockbuster, I am calling you out for being idiots in regards to your online marketing strategy.


While I am on the subject of fucking, I would like to nominate Vonage for FUCKING SUCKING!


Trader Joes Sucks

January 8, 2007 · 104 comments

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So it has been a while since my last post, but that is all right since I have been saving up the rage.

On December 6, 2006 I went to the Trader joes in La Grange Illinois and spent $69.90 in my standard bi-weekly grocery shopping extravaganza.


Time to Rant.

December 1, 2006 · 7 comments

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There has been lots of crazy stuff floating around my head lately, things that are hard to get around, and figure out why they bug me so much. Today I was let off the hook of large scale worrying to RANT about some smaller easier to point the finger at problems. Here are some new complaints:


I recently bitched about how floods my po box with worthless mailers and cds, but the last few days these assholes sunk to a new low by functioning as my alarm clock with their sweet cold calling service.


Lately I have thought as christmas as a pretty bloated holiday that kind of gets on my nerves…this year a new button was pushed… it is not even Halloween yet and there are ads in the paper pushing Christmas decoration and gifts. When did our lives become so empty that our only redemption comes from a bullshit holiday that comes once a year?


I buy a lot of stuff online, probably 5-10 orders of something a month, be it gifts, music, toys, computer things, software etc, and most the time when I need computer things I go with because they are cheap and usually have free shipping or something like that.


Cingular Wireless Sucks

September 26, 2006 · 2 comments

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So today I got a text message from Cingular wireless today on my phone telling me their rate for 411 service was going up to $1.45 a call plus airtime. The next option is to proceed on my phone. So I hit proceed and it fucking dials 411.


I received a sharper image catalog in the mail a few days ago and it had a series of products that make me wonder what the hell is wrong with society. If you are wondering why I get the catalog, I ordered something out of there a few months ago that charges my ipod when attached to a gift that my dad got for me and my sis. It is pretty cool actually and lets you listen to music in the shower, or take it with you outside, etc. I used to use it quit often, but now I have not even been listening to my ipod…actually lately I do not spend much time AWAY from my computer! It is bad…


Fuck TicketMaster

May 2, 2006 · 21 comments

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TicketMaster Sucks!!!!

Oh my god…what a shitty company… I went online to order a ticket for the upcoming Mogwai show at the Metro (in Chicago). The tickets are $18.00 each which I am fine with…well then wonderful ticketmaster tacks on the following:


Rant –

February 25, 2006 · 2 comments

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Well I have been out of the loop for a bit ever since I moved to Canada, I missed the whole 5 blade revolution, the superbowl, and a bunch of other worthless marketing… i was reading one of my favorite web comics the other day and saw an ad for and had to check it out…and BOY OH BOY! amd I glad I did….


What the hell? Apparently Gillette has released some new super razor, it contains 6 seperate blades, 5 on the front, and one on the top for those “hard to reach areas”.


LEXX Sci Fi Show

February 8, 2006 · 1 comment

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I come home from work around 7pm every night and flip on my TV, it is usually left to channel 39 – Showcase, because that is one of the best channels on Canadian cable…well at 7pm this amazing lame TV show comes on…I once woke up to it wondering what the hell it was. Today I made it home to catch the beginning and found out it is called LEXX. I watched like 20 minutes of an episode once and wanted to kill myself, and others. The show is brutal but it does have this chesty character who is kind of hot/exotic looking. Overall I give this show -29728728267 stars, because it is just terrible.

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I had an interesting talk today with a friend regarding birth control choices and came up with the following brilliant quote regarding the use of condoms:

“If you cannot afford $1.00, you cannot afford to fuck.”

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Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

October 8, 2002 · 0 comments

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so i have been in away mode for a long time now. i just fixed my computer. kinda interesting. i dont really miss it. i now work daily on a computer and in my spare time i want to sit and relax.

i have been reading a ton lately. i love it. about a book a week.


Mini Update

September 30, 2002 · 0 comments

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is been a while, yes?

lots has happened. my computer is still broken. school still licks the ol rim. work. and i am now sick. my teacher loved my sculpture. so that is pretty rocking. i cant wait to start on the new one. yup yup.

all for now.


meltdown approaching

September 18, 2002 · 0 comments

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so i am super stressed today. actually this last week. school has been driving me mad, as has work.


i hate you. i fucking hate you.




idiot box? smart box?
time killer? carcinogen?
f’n computer

so yeah. i spend about 1/2 of my life staring at a monitor. work, pleasure, design, research, homework, finance, pay bills, shop, communicate, etc.

i found this amazing site today: Acronym Finder Look up 242,000+ acronyms-abbreviations & their definitions


so i come home. james is in his room. suzie comes out of there. we talk. i got my financial aid shit in the mail. i need to go to uic tomorrow i think