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September 2006

Just when I thought I heard it all a friend forwarded me a url that talks about Dustin Diamond (Screech from saved by the bell !!!!!!!) has a sex tape floating around, and I guess it is call Saved By The Smell !!!
Personally I think this is a great step forward in his career. I was joking the other day about how he never has to work again since he made bank from Saved by the Bell… apparently I was wrong and I am happy to admit that I am glad I was.


Cingular Wireless Sucks

September 26, 2006 · 2 comments

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So today I got a text message from Cingular wireless today on my phone telling me their rate for 411 service was going up to $1.45 a call plus airtime. The next option is to proceed on my phone. So I hit proceed and it fucking dials 411.


Rock En Seine Paris France

September 13, 2006 · 0 comments

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In Paris, Aaron and I went to this giant rock festival called Rock en Seine, which was held in a suburb of Paris accessible by the subway, or by a taxi. It was miles outside of the downtown area and would be holding a large outdoor music festival with probably 40-50,000 ticket holders. It seems like both the planners and the city of Paris did a shit job preparing for this huge musical event. Here are some examples of why Paris needs to remove their head from their ass if they plan to have a successful outdoor music festival again: