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April 2007

Blockbuster is a newcomer to online DVD rental scene but have stirred things up by offering users the ability to return movies at the local stores and get free in-store rentals, something previously unheard of.


They have a sense of humor…

I was forgot I scanned this awesome picture the other day. It is from the anti static bag they put a laptop in (you can see my laptop in the background). It shows some helpless little cartoon character who had enough of the living world, and is deciding to enter the dying world. The little shit puts a bag over his head, and chokes himself with his hand.


SEO Baby Boomers II

April 21, 2007 · 1 comment

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Another sweet SEO baby has been born. This time a little baby girl with a crazy long name:

Siddalee Beryl Peony “Link Bait ;P” Ring

Ian made a pretty fun/ny website for her…very cute and clever.

Siddalee was born a punk and is already telling the world to fuck off:

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It seems like Microsoft sends me 1-2 of these AdCenter packets a week. I have saved them for a while and let them stack up on my kitchen table. I am doing some cleaning up so here is a bunch of free advertising coupons and codes for AdCenter.


The End is Near

April 8, 2007 · 4 comments

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Apparently we do not have much time left on this earth…

Last weekend I received a Good Housekeeping Magazine (april 2007 issue) from my sister as some sort of weird surprise. There is a woman on the cover who lost 102 lbs and I thought my sister was trying to hint that I am a some sort of fat fuck… which I don’t deny.


SEO Baby Boomers

April 8, 2007 · 3 comments

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Congrats to Darren & Nora!

You know, werty makes a great name for a boy or girl.

Sami and Maria have yet to name their little baby boy, but last I heard Sami voted for wërtÿ which is Finnish for werty. Time will tell.