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October 27, 2002 · 0 comments

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i went to my grandparents today. my parents also went. it was actually nice to see everyone. my dad didnt even yell. the family made fun of my hair. i told them i was probably never going to cut it again. i think it is great.

after this krissy and I went to whole foods. I got some sweet sweet food. nothing that grand for the week but i can eat some delicious wraps this week.

we also went to best buy, i wanted to get the new nirvana cd. it is 9.99. I saw it in the ad. I didnt see that it said released tuesday)c:

I was going to buy fear and loathing in las vegas and donny darko. they were 22.99 each so i said f that.

i also looked at the treo 90 from handspring. it is a pda(personal data assistant). you know like a palm pilot. it is pretty cool. I honestly do not know if I can justify spending 300 dollars on this though. I think it would be great for keeping me organized and actually help me get things done. i would use the calendar like a mad man budget my time much better. I dunno, maybe i like it because it is tech.

Other then that I worked on my resume. it is pretty swank looking.

I think tomorrow i may have to be late for class, i have a meeting i was asked to attend at work. which is pretty cool. meeting with a client and some search engine people.

well i am going to try and get my azz to bed right now, we will see if that actually happens. sunday nights are the most stressful.

last night i went to bed at 1:30am. i didnt fall asleep till around 6am. i had all these crazy ideas and did some product sketches and what not. perhaps one of these will make me hit it big. real big. wooo. maybe not.

night night.

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