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October 25, 2002 · 0 comments

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so my homework this weekend is to draw a picture using an entire papermate pen. i worked on it an hour or so and then went and had 2 drinks at club foot. i come home and work on it some more and the f’n pen runs out. i am not done yet. no where near done. i need more ink. more. i demand it.


this weekend i am supposed to hang out with little jimmy mack.(james mccormack(sp??))

i figure we will eat pizza and watch movies. then i figure we may have to go out boozing with my sis. we will see though.

sat i am supposed to be going to some artsy party. i guess ou do one work of art while you are there, someone gets it and you get theirs in return. kinda cool. hopefully someopne will understand. please.

sat i am also going to go visit the grand parents. shoudl be good.

i need to rewrite my resume this weekend. i worked on the layout of it so far. now i need to refocus it, and work on the job duties and such. the new format is pretty rocking. kinda grungey looking. i dunno. it is attention grabbing. hopefully the fancy resume, and having contacts, and already work at the place will help me out. they say it is all who you know.

i am trying to think of anything else i need to do this weekend.
_write resume
_deposit checks into the bank
_finish sculpture
_do sketch models for industrial design.
_do lathe project for industrial design
_create halloween costume/sculpture for next thursday.
_get nutritous groceries.
_sometime drring the week bake muffins or cookies for school/work.

i dunno what else. we shall see what pops up.

now i need ot email my teacher and see if i can use a second pen, then hit the sack.
in about 5 minutes i will be rocking out to dead meadow. it is all i have been listening to lately. there were some good tunes at club foot, which reminds me that i need to attend the saturday night dance party at the hideout. starts at 12:30pm 21+. $3


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