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October 13, 2002 · 0 comments

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so yeah i have been busy with school. i need to work on rewriting my resume. and some 40 odd drawings of a lighter.

friday james came over and we got some booze at the local bar.

sat i did the hangover thing and rented a movie with my sis. today i went to apple holler and got about 20 lbs of apples. its an orchard in wisconsin. then we went to the mars cheese castle and i got some cheese curds and some honey. i dont even know.

i have about 5 hours before i need to go to bed and about 3 hours of work to do. i just want to take a nap though

also i printed about 10 apple recipes out. so we will see.

Updated: I saw that I was getting some referrals for people searchign for Apple Holler so I will write a bit of a summary on it. Most likely if you are going to apple holler you are coming from Illinois and want to take the kids to an orchard? Am I right? If so I think it would be pretty fun for the kids.

They had some sort of maze, I think mini golf, I think a pony… There was a live band playing there when I went and it was really crowded. We parked on the street and had to walk. We also went through the orchards hoping to pick apples and ending up not finding many and then getting a bushel of pre-picked apples… they taste the same…just none of the fun work associated with picking them.

All in all it was a good time for adult, and I am guessing the kids would have fun too at Apple Holler in Wisconsin.

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