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So the song Blue Monday by New Order FUCKING RULES.

Anyhow, this weekend was pretty good. I went out with Tony (Sean) on Friday. Got a bit sauced. Saturday I went shopping with Ana and we rented Igby Goes Down. I liked it.

Sunday I went to a BBQ and got way to drunk. I drank and drank and drank. The sun was out when I came home. I woke up with bite marks and green sharpie all over my arm. So good.

Do you or anyone you know, know about fuel cells??? I am pretty interested and want to discuss something involving the “fuel” used in these cells. From my understanding, they can run very efficient from a pure a hydrogen source… I want to learn more…perhaps I will have to get some books. My main concerns are finding out what the current trends are and what types of tests they have done so far involving the type of fuel I propose… Oh, to be “smart” and be able to play with science again would be the best. I miss you dear friend.

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