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So two days ago I somehow managed to crack my neck and cause some serious pain. It was great; I could not move my head to the left at all. I was freaking out and wondering if I would have to go to the doctor or what. I ended up doing some massaging of it, which would send serious shivers of pain and cause me to do nothing but take giant breathes…it was intense. Anyhow, I woke up yesterday morning and could barely move. I called into work and went back to bed. At about 1pm I woke up still sore and had nothing to do. I ended up watching the breakfast club and a bunch of TV. It was extremely boring, and a waste of a day. I could barely move and when I would I would just tense up from the pain. It hurt to sit, it hurt to lie down. It sucked. I had some Arnica Gel and rubbed that into it numerous times…it seemed to help, and today it feels much better.

I am still at home, but I am working at least. It is big improvement. My main fear was taking the train and carrying my bag. I have about 75% head movement today which is huge. Yesterday I had maybe 45%.

In other news the google index is completely wack right now. It has updated to one that is a few months old. Supposedly, this is going to be part of the “rolling update”. What this will do is allow google to add pages on the fly while it crawls the web. It should be pretty interesting if this actually happens. This index however has all webmasters saying it was a step in the wrong direction. Hopefully it will be cleaned up and get some of the newer pages back into it, while reducing the amount of “spam” that is in the top of the SERPS(search engine result pages).

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