Tired as hell

June 10, 2003 · 0 comments

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So I was tired as hell today. I had a brilliant brainstorm before I went to bed last night involving affiliate marketing programs and internet advertising, oh the misspellings (c:

Work was pretty all right. I got some stuff done, but an hour or so long, meeting cut my momentum short. The afternoon was pretty uneventful; I was damn near dosing off in the art department. I had to have some coffee and coffee candy in order to stay awake. I had a ton of work to do too and stayed busy.

I picked up my shoes after work. I am wearing them now. They got the seal of approval from the roommate.

Well then, I came home and did my laundry which was good to check off my list. I attempted to do it last night but the ass bandits that live below had stuff in the dryer and a load sitting in the wash. I did not want to touch or move their stuff so I decided to wait until tonight.

It is somewhat warm in the apartment tonight. I think this weekend I may have to buy a fan. Word.

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