Lost My Cell Phone and Drank Moonshine

June 15, 2003 · 0 comments

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So this weekend was pretty interesting. I went to a show at DePaul on Friday and watched Volta Do Mar and Pelican. Pelican was pretty good. They sound like Isis and now have a light show…just like Isis. I would rather see Isis, but they are not from Chicago, so I will be happy that I saw them play.

After this I went boozing up at the L&L. I was doing okay, then thought it would be a wise idea to do shots of whiskey, followed by shots of MOONSHINE. Yeah moonshine, smooth. After this a group of us went to Craigs. We did shots of “old smuggler”, a really low class whiskey, in a plastic bottle.

I took a cab down to Estelles. When I arrived I had no cell phone. Not sure if I left it at Craigs or lost it in the cab. Such is life. I need to call all of the cab companies since I do not remember what kind of cab I was in. I doubt I will get it back, but it is worth checking before I go ahead and get a new one. I am thinking of getting that weird looking nokia one with the built in camera. We shall see.

Saturday I was supposed to go to my grandparents house, but I had the worst hangover that I have ever had. It was brilliant.

Saturday night I went to a party and then went out with my sister, James and Allen. Allen is this amazing guy from New Zealand who parties like a rock star and wears Prada. He gave a brilliant story and poem before we did some lemon drops. It was about a guy who stole a plane and flew into Russia and landed in red square. The reason he did it was due to Russian Porn, that the man had under his bed. No real idea though.

The party had some of the “best” dance moves I have ever seen. Hurricane tongue was just one of them.

Ended up at Estelles. Who would have thought.

Lazy sunday. Google may have updated their index today. I am not seeing any changes in the SERPS (search engine results pages) though. They had a new logo up for father day. I think I may order a few things from their site. Hopefully they will send me free stuff for x-mas this year. That would be grand.

I have a giant stack of work to do this week at the old J.O.B. I had a good start on it last week but was sidetracked by numerous projects. Hopefully this week I will be left alone and finish a few tasks.

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