Blast From the Past

July 4, 2003 · 0 comments

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Last night was pretty interesting. I got a hair cut which I am told looks good.

Went to a few bars that I am not a “regular” at, and ran into a few “blasts from the past”. The first was this girl Liz who I used to work with at Anthropologie. That was kinda cool… we never actually talked while I worked there and I did not even know her name…

Then I ran into an “ex” at another bar. I thought it was going to be awkward but it was fine. That whole situation was weird, seeing her was good though.

Later at Estelle’s I bumped into someone I knew through a person I know longer talk to. I also met a guy who lost a bracelet valued at 200 dollars. My sister got his card and I called him today since i found the bracelt once the bar flipped the lights on at last call.

It does not feel like the 4th of July. All I have done so far was work on some of my affiliate programs, a bit of research and watch about 300 minutes of Ben Franklins life…pretty interesting. The man discovered/ “invented” the gulf stream. He should have put a patent on it. He invented the lightning rod, or Franklin rod as wascalled. He did not put a patent on it because it was his gift to the world.

Good times. I am off to the coffee shop to get out of the house and to work more.

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