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July 30, 2003 · 0 comments

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Your Top Searches:

There were 33 searches for the week ending 07/26/03 for werty dot net

Here are the top phrases searched:

– 21 for “materialistic prick”
– 2 for “bio of english conductor henry j wood”
– 2 for “henry j wood my life of music proms”
– 2 for “wro”
– 1 for “[ blank query ]”*
– 1 for “bob mikan”
– 1 for “colon”
– 1 for “cum guzzlerz”
– 1 for “netnose”
– 1 for “penis mangled abortion rapist”

I think only the colon, netnose and bob mikan ones were legit. Someone thinks I am a “materialistic prick”
They are probably correct.

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