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July 20, 2003 · 0 comments

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Well lets see what i have done so far:

Friday I came home and passed out due to exhaustion and lack of sleep this week. I woke up to see that I missed a call from Mike in Brookfield but he left no message.

I then did some research and worked on a little bit of my next big project. I also played some Counterstrike using a mouse this time and had a bit of a “frag fest”.

Saturday I woke up without a hangover, did 2 loads of laundry, worked on my affiliate programs and played the gizmo quiz.

I then worked on a few logos for the next big project and showered.

I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean (sp?) with Lisa. It was a pretty decent film. If you are interested in it go see it.

From here we parked near Lisa’s house, hot the liquir store, and took the Belmont bus down to Clark. We met her friend Matt at a mexican restuarant and ate some food and had margarittas. Matt owns/works for a design company who does print and web work. He had a few questions about my career, which is a good sign for the future of my field(c:

After this I went to a party that had about 10 or so IDEO employees at it. I still would like to work there. I wonder if they are hiring a jackass who specializes in nothing, but understands manufacturing, design, engineering, marketing, chemistry and search engines…haha I doubt it.

There were lots of people who I am slowly getting comfortable with which is a good thing. My group of friends has expanded and gotten much more “grown-up” and “professional”. They all seem like class acts and it is nice to be part of their scene. There parties are always laid back and there is a positive vibe in the air. They also drink top shelf liquir and openingly share it. Before I left I helped clean up some of the mess which consisted of a few cases of beer, 40 or so glasses, and a few bottles of booze.

From here Chris and I formed the Hour Club and went to Estelle’s. No one was there but a few of the regulars as well as the wonderful staff. We we then went to Underdog, but it was closed so ended up at Swank Frank. The crowd consited of numerous drunkards and chooches.

Today I am doing nothing, may rent some movies. The Goonies is now playing on TBS. So Good.

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