More hours in the day.

August 7, 2003 · 0 comments

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I wish there were more hours in the day. I was up late last night and was tired most of the day. I came home took a “nap”which turned into a 2 hour or so nap…now I need to work on a pile of stuff. A large pile. I should probably just replace sleep with caffiene or diet pills. Maybe I should take up smoking too. Watch as my heart explodes.

Tomorrow my place of employement is going on an outing to the racetrack. I get to bet on horses instead of work. It should be very interesting, never been to the tracks before. As you may or may not know, this guy likes to gamble.

One of the highlights of the Louisville adventure was the ammount of gas station gambling that we did. Pull taps and quarter drops… spending a quarter has never so much fun, or so profitable. I guess it is the thought of doubling/tripling (increasing) your money that attracts most people to it. Based purely upon the numbers you are screwed. If i never gambled I would be like 120 dollars richer, for my entire life…so not that big of a deal. Maybe one day I will win big. Maybe one day I will lose big… this would require some large funds to gamble away in the first place.

I bought some Dr. Brahners peppermint soap yesterday, it has been a while. That shit is minty fresh… a few drops go a long way and are just as refreshing as gold bond… if you know what I am saying. Watch as my boys tingle.

There were some interesting things that I saw online this week, If i had the google toolbar installed on all of my computers and it worked in opera I may have posted them, sucks to be you.

Oh well, tired of delaying…time to start working again.

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