Was a hot one today.

August 22, 2003 · 0 comments

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Yow…it was terrible today. I think 95 or something. On the south side somekids were playing in the firehydrants and I guess someone driving hit a kid in the street. Rumor has it the guy went back to hit the girl. Anyhow these chicago folks rages and I guess killed the guy and lit his car on fire. Some crazy barbaric type shit. This town is nutty, add the heat and it goes OTH (yeah off the hook). Christ…shoot me.

I found out my friend got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. Congrats. No seriously. I hope everything works out for you. You were one of the coolest people I have met. If it was up to me, you could have citizenship here.

I see a bunch of searches for this:
“Supernatural (after Piero di Cosimo)”

I did go and check it out. It was pretty amazing. It seems like they re-measured since the last time that I posted about it.

The thing is huge. The climate(not sure if this is the proper term) of the room is tropical. It is warm and humid. The windows are darkened. It smells musty.

The grass looks as though it is drying, so you should check it out while it still exists. I wish you could go feel it.

If you go this is how you get there. Go in the center. Go all the way to the stairs and go up to the top floor. go to your left. This is where you wil find it. You could take the elevator if you want to, but you probably could use the exercise.

I would also suggest purchasing a coin at the gift shop for the old cigarette machine that was converted into an “art dispenser”. It will cost you 5 dollars, but you get an original piece of art. You can find the machine and the gift shop to the left of the stairs on the first floor.

Also I see that the yahoo/google link is broken right now, and that must be why I am getting massive hits. So you are probably reading this by chance/fate/mistake. Kind of cool.

I just moved to this server within the last week or so. I was not able to transfer gallery over so I have som edead links. Mainly people searching for mogwai photos. They will be back up, but I am not sure when.

Also in the near future expect to see a sweet CSS (cascading style sheet) version of this. V3.01

Well it is like 2:40 and I do not want to go to work tomorrow. At least it is friday and supposedly will be cooler than today. Goodnight.

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