Yahoo! News – Massive Power Blackout Retreats Stubbornly

August 15, 2003 · 0 comments

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Yahoo! News – Massive Power Blackout Retreats Stubbornly: “Bush said he suspected that the nation’s electrical grid would need to be modernized.”

Pretty interesting. It looks like the de-regulation of power will become regulated. Perhaps the government will end up owning all of the power plants? Do they now? Pretty bizarre. No official word as to why this happened.

If you ask me, just another part of the master plan…

“In New York, police helicopters, boats and heavily armed teams of special counterterror officers moved into place at city landmarks and other sensitive locations, police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. Officials swiftly realized the power outage was not an act of terror, and they used so-called Atlas teams of officers to make sure no one took advantage of the blackout to commit terrorism, he said.”

Terror/ism/ist is still quite the popular buzzword.
Counterterror (quoted as one word???wtf???) might be a new one.

Bed time…

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