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September 22, 2003 · 0 comments

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Sonic Youth is on channel 11 and they are tearng it up. I have heard they are not that good live, but they seem to be tight as hell. They are playing songs from Murray Street, which I like quite a bit.

That is actually one of the latest albums that I have purchased.

I need to keep a list of albums that I want to buy, I am always forgetting. Something by shrimpboat, the velvet underground and nico on heavy vinyl, the doors – strange, all the nirvana albums(again, theywere stolen-this time I will replace them with vinyl as well).

I hope we get our bonus this quarter at work. It would mean a sweet Ipod for me. Most likely I would invest in the 40gig. It might be wise to wait until a 60 or 80 gig is released though.

This weekend was allight. I got nothing done at all since I was puking on saturday. It was grand. I could not eat bread or water. I had these brilliant bags/ddark areas under my eyes, I looked like a corpse. I feel so-so now and do not want to go to work tomorrow. I was feeling better today and was able to keep both food and water down, so that is a good sign.

Wilco is on the thing now, on 11. Supposedly they were at a BBQ that I went to this summer. Speaking of rockstars I went to a friends bday party on Friday and went bowling with Bob Nana. He knew what bands were playing and gave me 5 after my strikes. I broke 100 in both of my games so I was happy.

This week should be kinda rough since someone I work with is gone and I will have tons of shit to do there. Also I still feel shitty, and will need to work everyday, and then come home and work on stuff I could not complete because I was a puking mess.

Thursday I go to the dentist and get my cavity drilled out. I guess they need to numb my whole jaw so i will be a drooling mess for a few hours. I think I wrote about this already though.

I also need to buy the Mermaid Avenue wilco/billy bragg covers of woodie gunthrie songs. So good.

Well I am going to attempt to drink some water and get to bed…wooo.

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