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September 18, 2003 · 0 comments

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I hung 8 paintings up in my room this weekend. It really looks nice now. I put the giant 50×50 little girl painting up, and I love it. One day I will Update the site so you can view it.
Just to describe it: it is 50×50 with 3 colors. Pink, black and white. The background in a barcode in black and pink which spells out a significant phrase. Then about actual size is a little girl holding a doll that is a cut-out in white.
I really like it. If you stare at it, it fucks with your eyes. Painting it drove me crazy. One day I plan to make a series of these… I know what I would do for the next one. Today I came across some clipart which may apply to future projects.

Other than that I hung some nice art I bought off of eBay. One is a painting of thom yorke, I bet I spelled that wrong.

I got a blood test this morning. My blood pressure was 104/60. My resting pulse was 66. Nice and low on both.

Today at the gym I tried some crazy pseudo mountain hiking machine. It was made by Nordic track I think and could do grades of up to 50%. I started by just playing around on it and got my pulse up to 170 which is nice little workout. The highest grade I tried was like 35%. Then I tried a pre-program which was called moab ridge climb. I climbed 3 hills, went one mile and climbed around 480 vertical feet. It was pretty cool and burned of 200 odd calories. It will be more fun than just steady resistance of a treadmill or elliptical trainer.

On the strength training note I was actually able to lift more than I could 2 weeks ago, so I am actually improving. My sternum feels like someone punched me and left a bruise. I am told this has something to do with the muscles separating from the bone, apparently I am on my way to getting ‘bitch tits’. I guess the separation is common and a good sign… I kind of want to do a backbend to pop it, but I fear it may make it worse, or cause some damage.

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