What a weekend

September 28, 2003 · 0 comments

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I got some work done yesterday and went to visit my grandparents. It was pretty nice.

Later on I went to a party, which was slightly boring at first but picked up later on. This girl there was so aggressive while hitting on me that it creeped me out. It was not like she was even hitting on me. I was completely scared. What a creep. My theory is that she was going to steal my kidneys. I left her there and happy to say that my kidneys are still where they belong.

I guess I should shave, develop a page or two for the master plan and do some laundry. I feel like complete shit today, but not because I am hungover. Maybe the weather. Maybe a bug…not really sure. Wish it was a few degrees warmer and that the weekend was a few days longer.

Next weekend I need to take it easy, drink coffee instead of booze, work my ass off, and then rest during the week.

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