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October 15, 2003 · 0 comments

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– 8 for “super tiny dickhole”
– 5 for “elizabeth wolfgramm”
– 1 for “goonies”
– 1 for “montana”
– 1 for “montana is calling me”
– 1 for “my shit stain needs gain”
– 1 for “naked werty”
– 1 for “phentermine”
– 1 for “schizo”
– 1 for “weight loss”

Some pretty interesting searches mixed in with the fake ones…although I wonder if my ‘dickhole’ is super tiny?

My stereo arrived today at work and instead of lugging it home I opted for a cab. I took one of those new red ones. Not sure of the name. Anyhow, the cabby was hella friendly and we chatted it up. These new red cabs are ‘luxury’. They have leather interior (ye vegans beware), but there is a ton of leg room. Also there are your own ac/heat controls and a light. The cabby enjoyed getting a brand new cab, it only had 3 miles on it when it became his. This was in may/april, he is now up to 16,000 or so miles. That does not seem like too many so maybe it was 160,000 which seems like too many.

I asked him what the most miles he has ever had on a cab. He said most are 200-300,000. The one with the most had over 450,000 miles and was in the shop every night. He also said that cab had better pickup than this new one. Kind of interesting. The moral of the story is that I am a lazy fuck and took the cab, and that I got my new stereo.

The stereo. Set-up was easy. The first CD I played was The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds. The sound was great. Bass was tight and not too thumpy, and there was a very impressive ammount from such small speakers. Treble was crisp and high, with a bit of hiss from the cd. I believe this his comes from the recording, since it cleared up after the first track. This was a great deal and I am glad that I got it. Looking foward to playing with it some more. The sweetest feature is that it does have an aux input so I can hook up a record player or ipod when I get them. The reviews I read said there was no aux in… such a pleasant suprise.

Cubs game tonight… yow. 8th inning was terrible. I feel sorry for the ‘fan who interferred’. They escorted him out of the game with a team of security…it is a good thing. There was a meathead on the news who pulled the mans jacket off of his head as he was protecting his identity as he left the game…like a famous person leaving court, or getting arrested. Just a game.

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