Pearle Vision – Eyewear- Designer – TI22

October 12, 2003 · 0 comments

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Pearle Vision – Eyewear- Designer – TI22

I think this might be the brand of glasses that I purchased today. Hopefully they will help prevent some of the eye strain that I have been having at work. I had to drop $200 on the damn things, including the exam. The best thing is that I have insurance. What a fucking joke. I need to find a nice optometrist in Chicago for the future.

The are super lightweight and do not look so bad. I only need to wear them when I do anything withing arms length. So reading and computer use for the most part. Pretty much about 50% of my life.

I did not do much of anything this weekend. I have been on a spending spree trying to fill some void in my life. Lets do a weekly spending recap.

Last Sunday, blew a massive amount of money on cds at reckless records. Tuesday blew some money on a new hat and scarf at the gap, it is nice, orange, should lively up my look a bit…add some life to my normal winter wear, consisting mainly of black or grey. Then went to h&m and spent a few bones on gloves and a hat.

Thursday bought myself a haircut…then some tea and coffee at intelligentsia coffee. They roast their own coffee right here in Chicago, and it is great. After this bought 2 records at reckless. And 2 cds down the street on the way to the el.

Friday I got home from work and my coffee pot arrived. It was a 4 cup kitchen aid. Imperial red, I like it very much, it makes good strong coffee. I am still expecting a stereo and a set of espresso cups in the mail.

Saturday I bought some groceries. Today(sunday) some clothes at Marshalls, a shirt and a pair of pants to work out in, and then my glasses…..

So yeah, I do not know what is wrong with me. I quit drinking…which is nice, and I think I spend less on the crap I have been buying(except for the glasses) than i was spending on booze(around $80 per weekend).

My boy Gary moved here today, so we should start working like fools within a few days. So your friend werty shall have 2 jobs…we will see how long this lasts(c:

One semi-cool thing that has happened is massive amounts of FREE* cable channels have been added. I now get MTV and Comedy Central…this means I can rot my mind with mtv and watch Dave Attell. Dave Attell fucking rules, probably my favorite show on TV.

I have also been watching baseball…what the fuck? I do not know either, I do not mind it like I used to.

My stereo arrives tomorrow…I cannot wait. I have been enjoying some of the cds I bought through headphones, which makes them simply brilliant. The speakers on my new stereo will have rubber surrounds and carbon fiber cones. This means they are lighter and return to their original position faster as well as “hit” faster and harder. Overall a tighter richer sound. They bump…and were super cheap since the stereo is a few years old.

Well now that I have a coffee pot, glasses, new music, and soon a new stereo, I will be able to work an addition 4-6 hours a night. Sweet, sweet zombie mode.

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