Some dude handed me a postcard

October 4, 2003 · 0 comments

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I was on my way to work the other day. It may have been Tuesday. I was in a rush, as always. I get to the train stop and some guy is handing out flyers. Not for some restaurant. it was not a politician, it was some dude passing crap out for a t-shirt company know as:

The Democracy Shop: Shirts, Buttons, and Other Anti-Bush Ware (site now dead)

Hahahaha what the fuck?? I do not plan to see many people wearing these fine threads. Nice post cards, political lapel pins and business cards though. I assume they would have to sell around 100 or so just to break even on the advertising costs. Not including the duders time for passing these things out.

I am cleaning my desk and I saw the postcard and figured I would give them a link before I chuck it in the garbage can. The girl on it is kind of cute. She looks like she took an extra strength prozac or something before the shoot. Smiles for miles. To the trash with you.

I bought 2 domains last night. We will see if my prediction comes true. If so I am sitting on a potential cash cow. MOOOOOOOOO! Hahahaha, it even rhymes.

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