What a day

October 22, 2003 · 0 comments

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I woke up way late to my roommate asking if I was going to work. This was after 8:15. I call in sick to work and go back to bed. I sleep until about 3:30. I went to bed atabout 11pm last night, which is early for me. I feel like shit, I am still tired and my head hurts. It seems like once a month I need to get a good solid 16 or so hours of sleep. I guess just to catch up? Anyway you lok at it it sucks.

In addition to sleeping all day, when I first woke up my mouth was completely dry and I could not breath. I go to blow my nose and I get a tissue full of blood…so good.

Later on I hear that singer/songwriter Elliott Smith killed himself. Dead at 34.

Now I have a wicked headache…gonna shower and drink more tea. It is 7:15 funk that.

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