The robot hall of fame.

November 8, 2003 · 0 comments

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The robot hall of fame. This is kind of cool. I would like to visit it sometime.

In the werty news.

Today is my sisters birthday. Happy birthday to her. She threw a party last night that was a blast. It originally was intended as a dinner party, but the second guest brought a 1.75l jug of absolute. It was a good, time. I got to see a bunch of people that I have not in a while, everyone had fun, and nothing was stolen or broken. I have a bunch of pictures and will need to figure out how to upload them since I no longer have gallery installed on the server.

I intended to get my sis a SLR(single lens reflex) camera, because she has been wanting one for a while. A girl came over with one so I could test it out, it ended up that the lens was broken. I dunno.

I also got myself a new job. I cannot wait to start.

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